Georg-Forster in a Model of Strategic Planning

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Transcript Georg-Forster in a Model of Strategic Planning

Georg Forster/AvH Fellowship: A strategic management tool in
science & cooperation for real-world problem-solving
Prof. Dr. Bassey E. Antia
Languages & Linguistics, Maiduguri, Nigeria
Epidemiology & International Public Health, Bielefeld, Germany
My research
Georg Forster/AvH fellowship in strategic management perspective
A personal, ongoing report card
Conclusion: Other instruments? Georg Forster/AvH
Language & communication in health: Sample questions
What can a linguistic analysis of proprietary drug names tell us about the
occurrence of preventable adverse drug events (in prescription, dispensing,
using) & weaknesses in drug licensing procedures? E.g. ease of
substituting Novadex for Novaldex; Virest for. Virex, etc.
What can an analysis of the structure and contents of educational
interventions on diarrhoea probably tell us about diarrhoea-related mortality
in children under the age of five? 4 million deaths/yr; 100,000/day; 1
fatality/second; Nigeria=300,000/yr.
How does language used in HIV/AIDS discourses exarcebate the
psychological burden of living with the virus, and undermine care and
control initiatives in areas like: testing, disclosure, accessing of health
services, quality and length of life?
How might inattention to language as part of the skillset of health
professionals lead to distributional imbalances (staff underutilization in
location A, overutilization B), a theoretical worsening of the physicianpopulation ratio, and unsatisfactory care?
What is the relationship between the narrative rationality of Vet. doctors (i.e.
their attentiveness to the stories of the client during consultation) and the
public health ramifications of an individual animal‘s sickness (herd health,
disease reservoir management)?
Georg-Forster in a Model of Strategic Planning
Feedback loop
Cf. Ziegele (2007)
AvH – German Govt & People – German Host Institutions
Home scientific community – Home Govt & People – Home Institutions
Deutschland ist ein attraktiver
Forschungsstandort. Ihm weltweit ein
Gesicht zu geben ist eine dringende Aufgabe.
Welche Instrumente sind geeignet?
World map according to population
World map according to HIV/AIDS-related deaths
A personal, ongoing report card on bridging divides
Personal activity
1. My research:
mainstreaming Language in
(Int'l) Pub Health @ Bielefeld,
& Pub Health in Language @
Advance of Science
*International scientific
*German host institution
*Later … home institution
2. My AvH stay manuscript
Basis for rethinking policy and *Home government & society
training in health care
3. Language topics in Europ.
Masters in.PH & in Summer
Schools of DAAD-sponsored
in tri-nation public health
partnership (Germany, India &
Human resource development
*International scientific
*(Attractiveness) of German
host institution
*Later… home institution
4. Acquisition of scientific
literature, project proposals
*Resource sharing
*Human resource
*Colleagues & graduate
research students at home
5. My participation in maiden
International Deans' Course
Osnabrück, CHE Gütersloh,
Addis Ababa & Moi Univs)
*International partnership for
enhanced higher education
*Resource sharing
Home institution
Conclusion: Fellowship - an instrument serving
strategic goals of all stakeholders
High marks for other instruments: Humboldt Colleges, institutional
partnerships, re-invitations
George Forster Plus!
A multi-focus course on change management & policy advocacy for
fellows while in Germany
GF-supported centres (institutional, national, regional level) for research
into high social impact factor themes that reflect the quartet of:
population empowerment, interdisciplinarity, human resource
development and management/policy-inflection.
For now, though, one big „Thank you“ from my end of the
stakeholder spectrum.