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What is a
prescription drug?
A medication that requires written
instructions from a doctor, which can
then be dispensed by a pharmacist.
How many prescriptions
are purchased in the
United States every year?
3.8 Billion
Why do people need
prescription drugs?
To improve the quality of their
Abuse vs. Misuse
Abuse: taking a medication without
a prescription in order to experience the
feeling it gives you or “get high”.
20% of teenagers abuse prescription
Misuse: taking a medication
incorrectly or in a different way than
your doctor prescribed.
Taking the wrong amount
Taking it at the wrong time
Forgetting to take it
Stopping use of the medication too
Why do people abuse
prescription drugs?
•To get high or feel good
•On accident (misuse)
•To feel better
•Peer Pressure
•To feel more confident
•To do better in school
•They’re bored
•To rebel or someone told them not to
•They think they are safer than street drugs
Why are abuse and
misuse dangerous?
•Every year 15,000 people
die from overdosing on
prescription painkillers
•In 2009, 1.2 million
emergency room visits
were prescription drug
related while 1 million
were related to elicit
Commonly Abused
Drugs: Opioids
•Pain medications are prescription medications given to individuals to
provide relief for many types of pain.
•Side Effects
•Slowed breathing
•Lowered pulse/blood pressure
Commonly Abused Drugs:
•Prescribed by a doctor to relieve anxiety, reduce arousal
or stimulation
Commonly Abused Drugs:
•Medication prescribed by a doctor to treat Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder by balancing chemicals in the brain
•Side Effects
•Increased heart rate
•Decreased appetite
•Heart attach
Why are abuse and
misuse dangerous?
•Addiction and withdrawal
•Accidents and injury
•Poor academic
How to prevent abuse:
Peer Pressure
•80% of teenagers have not abused
prescription medications
•90% of teenagers don’t think using
prescription drugs is important for fitting
in with friends
How to prevent
abuse: Academics
•Ask for help from teachers, parents, coaches,
or school counselors
•If you think you need prescriptions, ask your
How to prevent
•Read the directions on your prescriptions
•Ask you doctor and pharmacist to make sure
you’re taking it correctly
•Set a timer as a reminder
•Keep medications in the original bottle and
stored in a safe place
How to prevent
If you think you need prescription
drugs for focusing, because you’re
sad or stressed, or any other
reason – ask your doctor!
How to prevent
Thinking it’s safer than
street drugs
40% of teenagers consider the abuse of prescription drugs
to be much safer than street drugs.
The majority of teenagers who abuse prescriptions get
them for free from family and friends
If you think you have a problem – GET HELP!
•Crisis Call Center: 1-800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to
•National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):
•National Institute on Drug Abuse
•Ask your parents, doctor, pharmacist, coaches, or