Feedback from Stakeholder Event

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Transcript Feedback from Stakeholder Event

Stakeholder event – March 2012
You told us….
Our response….
That you were concerned that
prevention was not included in the
service specification for this tender.
• The review and procurement process primarily focuses
on the recovery and treatment service. Funding for
Drug and Alcohol Services is allocated in such a way
that it supports this focus, although clearly the education
and prevention services have an important part to play
in service users care and are provided through
alternative arrangements.
Continuity of care and integration/
co-ordination of care is key
• This will be one of the key priorities in the new
There is a need for equity in provision;
services vary depending on the type of
drug use. There is also inequity
between drug and alcohol treatment.
• Funding received has targeted specific types of drug
use. The new specification will look to provide equity of
service provision across the county and ensure there
are clear care pathways in place to provide appropriate
levels of support across drug and alcohol use.
Communication is a key priority
• As with any service, we agree there is a need to ensure
that there is clear information and communication about
services, between service providers and to service
Stakeholder event – March 2012
You told us….
Our response….
Handling of dual diagnosis needs to be
• This is an important area that will be highlighted in the
service specification. We will be looking for reassurance
from any potential provider that they have clear
mechanisms in place to support service users with
additional mental health needs and ensure appropriate
links with other services are made.
There needs to be an holistic approach
to treatment/care
- consider impact on families
- link to housing support
- provide a client centred service
- proactively engage service users
throughout treatment
• The new specification will be designed to ensure
services are client-centred and cover the issues
Clear access and care pathways are
- recognise barriers to access
- ensure that information about how
and where to access services is
- deliver services locally – be openminded about venues for delivery
• There will be a clear expectation that any potential
provider will provide accessible information and
services. We need to ensure that services are provided
in safe and appropriate locations that, wherever
possible, accommodate individuals requests. We will
seek to strike an appropriate balance between well
placed co-located services and more flexible
arrangements to meet the needs of those in harder to
reach locations
Stakeholder event – March 2012
You told us….
Our response….
Transition between services and when
users leave services needs to be well
• The specification will include both the provision of aftercare services and ensure that providers manage
transitions in a coordinated way
Engagement of primary care
professionals eg. GPs is key
• Continued efforts will be made to engage GPs and other
Tier 1 professionals in the drug and alcohol agenda