An In-Depth Look at MedlinePlus

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Infopeople Webcast Series:
Health e-Shows
An In-Depth Look
at MedlinePlus
An Infopeople Webinar
March 4, 2008
12pm – 1pm
Kelli Ham
[email protected]
Infopeople webcasts and webinars are supported by the U.S. Institute of
Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services
and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.
After viewing this session, attendees will:
Understand the structure and depth of
Have knowledge of health topics and
specialized content within the site
Be able to apply advanced search
techniques for better results
Overview of MedlinePlus
Health Topics in detail
Different users – different needs
Maximizing search results
Special content and “hidden” nuggets
Tools and resources for librarians
Overview of MedlinePlus
 Brief
 Size
and statistics
 Basic
website structure
Health Information Everywhere!
 How
does MedlinePlus differ from
commercial health sites and popular
search engines?
MedlinePlus Is:
A trustworthy site for patients and
consumers from the National Library of
Medicine, containing resources and links
to quality health information
Often confused with MEDLINE/PubMed,
the NLM database of citations from
biomedical journals
MedlinePlus Is Not:
 Biased
search engine like Google
site that sells or promotes products
site that collects personal information
Brief History and Statistics
Debuted in October 1998 with 22 health
topics; now there are nearly 750 topics!
 Examples of content added since then:
Spanish pages
Extensive encyclopedia
MedMasterTM drug database
Evidence-based herbal info
Content and Design
Resources include:
Licensed content, e.g. interactive tutorials and
surgery videos
Collection of quality links to external content
User-friendly design
Mechanisms to facilitate different search styles
Repetition of design and search elements
Health topics:
746 English (19,775 links)
712 Spanish (5,860 links)
A Look Inside
(Dec 2007)
Drug and
approx 1000
over 51,000
approx 3700
entries; 2300
Health news:
Approx 15-20 new
stories added per day
tutorials: 175 total
NIH SeniorHealth
33 topics
177 videos
2 RSS feeds
Directories: Over 100 directories
covering doctors, hospitals,
clinics and libraries.
One weekly
Announcement lists:
11 daily & weekly
MedlinePlus Home Page Layout
Navigating from the Homepage
On the homepage,
the main sections
are shown on the
left-hand side.
Navigating Inside MedlinePlus
The “Search” box appears on every page
The tabs across the top are on each page
inside MedlinePlus
Note: same topics as the homepage
(except GoLocal)
Main Health Topics Page
Drugs and Supplements
 Two
databases in this section
Drugs  MedMasterTM
Herbs  Natural Standard
 Evidence-based
 Link
to new Dietary Supplements
Labels database
Drugs and Supplements Page
Encyclopedia and Dictionary Pages
News Page
Finding Providers Via Directories
Other Resources
Resources  Databases Link
Health Topics
The “heart and soul” of MedlinePlus
Multiple search tools address different
searching styles
A-Z list for searching alphabetically
keyword search
content groupings (ethnic, age, body area, etc)
Getting the Most out of
Health Topics
 Navigating
 Individual
 Using
the main health topic
health topic pages
the interactive body maps
Navigating the Health Topics
Search Box
A to Z List
Other Topic Groups
Browsing and Discovery
Health Topics under “S”
Browsing the
A-Z list shows
topics related
to sleep:
Sleep Apnea
Health Topic Page Example
Toggling to Spanish Page
Clicking the español
button will toggle to the
Spanish language page
Health Topic Example - Spanish
Topics by Body Location/System
Groupings by Body Location or System
Example of Body Map Image
Different parts of the
image are clickable
and will show green
highlighting when
users move a mouse
over the area
Body Map Image – cont.
Here we clicked on the
highlighted area near
“Bones”; the menu on
the right changes to
related topics
Información de salud, por favor…
Become familiar with Spanish content areas:
Health topics
Drugs and Herbs and Supplements databases
Interactive tutorials
Surgery videos – some transcripts now available
Toggle to Spanish, then search Spanish terms
Example: Drug Information
Example: Encyclopedia
English  Spanish Health Terms
Literacy and Health Literacy
Literacy - the ability to read and write
Health literacy - ability to obtain, understand
and act on verbal or written health information
Both have implications for being able to make
informed health care decisions!
Finding Appropriate Materials
Easy-to-read materials
Easy-to-understand interactive tutorials
Note: reading level inconsistent; different
organizations may use different criteria
Guidelines for creating easy-to-read
materials for your users
Finding All Easy-to-Read Materials
On Health Topics
Links to all Easy to
Read and Interactive
Collection of Easy-to-Read Content
Guidelines for Writing Easy-toRead Materials
Collection of Interactive Tutorials
Starting the Tutorial
Click here
to start
Sleep Disorders - Interactive
Health Check Tools
Fun, interactive tools for users
Search – New and Improved!
Powered by Vivisimo
Relevance ranking of results
Results sorted into subsets (Collections)
Phrase searching and Boolean logic
Highlighted search terms
Making Sense of Search Results
are results
sorted into
six main
Check the URL for
clues about source
Smart Searching
Maximizing your efforts through smart
search techniques
Using Boolean logic and shortcut keys
Advanced search tips
More tips and tricks
Phrase Searching
Use quotes around a phrase for precise results
Using Boolean Operators
OR, NOT, -, +, *
No need to use AND; it is automatic
Use Boolean for combining concepts
Advanced Search Techniques
Perform a search
Look for the “Search Help” link
Search Help Page
Using the Site Map
Efficient navigation
Health Topics A-Z
Health Topics groups
Drug Information
Herbs and Supplements
Easy-to-Read materials
Interactive Health Tutorials
Health Check Tools
Low-Vision materials
Searching by Site Map
Site Map - cont.
Mining for Gold
Mining the depths of
resources within
Samples of health
questions and finding
Optimizing Health Reference
Services with Special Content
What does melanoma look like?
Does gingko really prevent dementia?
Has this doctor been sued for malpractice?
My friend has Stage IV ovarian cancer. Are
there any studies for experimental drugs?
Also, she lives in Tucson - are there any
support groups there?
Where to Look for Answers
New image resource - VisualDx
Herbs and Supplements – Natural Standard
State licensing boards for MDs - DocFinder
Clinical Trials, MEDLINE/PubMed, GoLocal
Finding Images
What does melanoma look like?
Search “Health Topics” for “melanoma”
Go to “Multimedia and Cool Tools”
Click on “Pictures and Photographs”
Melanoma Health Topic - Images
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words
Finding Evidence about Herbs
and Supplements
Does ginkgo really prevent dementia?
1. Go
to “Drugs and Supplements” tab
2. Find
the Herbs and Supplements “A-Z list”
(it’s the green bar)
3. Click
on “G”, then click on “Ginkgo”
4. Click
on “Evidence” in the table
Herbs and Supplements A-Z List
Herbs and Supplements - Records
Herb Monograph Example - Ginkgo
Show Me the Evidence
Uses based
on evidence
But how is
the “Grade”
Natural Standard
Levels of Evidence Table
from Full
relevant to herbs
Doctor Lookups and a Lot More!
Use the “Directories” section to:
Find a specialist in a certain city
Find specialized healthcare facilities
Find information about a specific doctor such as
education, board certifications, and legal actions
Physicians and Specialists
Find a specialist in a certain city or find
information about a certain doctor
Doctor Finder:
Physician Info – Legal Actions
Has this doctor been sued for malpractice?
State Medical
Boards Records
Finding Specialized Facilities
Where is the nearest sleep clinic?
Clinical Trials
Are there any experimental drugs being
tested for Stage IV ovarian cancer? How
can I get in a research trial?
From homepage,
click here
Clinical Trials Search Displays
Links to Research Articles in
Click “Journal Articles” to
go to a pre-formulated
search on ovarian cancer
GoLocal for Related Local Services
Search by location to find
local services and facilities
related to the Health Topic
Surgery Videos
I’m having knee replacement surgery –
what can I expect?
From homepage,
click here
Videos of Actual Procedures
Currently 13 videos of actual knee
surgeries; transcripts available also!
Resources for You and for Users
From the “About Us” link
Training materials for
Tutorials and more for
library users
Answers for You and Your Users
FAQs – More Answers
Training and Tutorials
“I Heard on the News Last Night…”
Current news from Reuters and HealthDay
Email announcements – very useful!
Search by date or topic, or use the search
box and choose results for “News”
Know the Topic before You Get
the Question
Sign up for News Announcements:
Daily, weekly and specialty topics available
Go to homepage
Click on link “Email Updates and RSS” in
lower, right-hand corner
Subscribing to News Alerts
Sign Up For News
Daily or weekly news
 Specialty topics
Free Trifold Brochures for
Users in English and Spanish
 MedlinePlus
is much more than
information about diseases and
 Still
more not covered here – go
 Please
take the time to fill out the
evaluation at the end – Thanks!
Questions and Final Thoughts
Contact Info
Kelli Ham, Consumer Health Coordinator
NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region
UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
[email protected]