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“Restoring Our Community
Citizen Advisory
Committee (CAC)
April 5, 2012
What is Hemet ROCS?
• Hemet ROCS is a Comprehensive Program
designed to stabilize & restore our
Residential Neighborhoods and the larger
• Involves the City Council, other Government
Officials, the Citizen Advisory Committee,
and the Community to partner together to
identify the issues and formulate solutions
• Establishes a Multi-disciplinary staff team to
draft & implement the ordinances &
Benefits to the Community
• Higher quality of life;
• More stable, safer, and attractive residential
• Deterrent to criminal behavior and opportunity
• Makes Landlords more accountable for tenant
selection and behavior
• Affordable housing to seniors and families without
sacrificing high standards and quality;
• Provides City with ability to better protect the
• Enhanced community image and opportunity to
attract and retain businesses
Ordinance Status Report
19 potential ordinances/programs have
been identified to date
6 ordinances/programs have already been
adopted, and are being implemented:
Prohibition of medical marijuana dispensaries
Regulation of Shopping carts
“Florida First” Program
Moratorium on smoke shops and hookah lounges
Sex Offender Location Restrictions
Sex offender Residency Restrictions
• 2 Draft ordinances are scheduled for review
by the City Council at their April 24th meeting
– Drug & Gang Related Crime on residential property
– Abatement of Chronic Nuisance Properties
• 2 additional draft ordinances have been
prepared and are under review and final
drafting by the Technical Advisory Team
before being presented to CAC:
– Group Homes & Boarding Houses (revised)
– Parolee/Probationer housing regulations
• 3 Updates to existing ordinances are under
– Updates to Administrative Citations
– Update to Nuisance Abatement Ordinance
– Update to Abandoned/Foreclosure Ordinance
• 6 additional ordinances need research and
review of other agencies and case law:
Rental Unit Registration and Inspection Ordinance
Landscape & Property Maintenance
Motel residency
Prostitution Abatement
Alcoholic Beverage Permit regulations
Business License Ordinance Revisions
Drug & Gang-Related Crime on
Residential Property
Draft Ordinance holds Landlords
responsible for knowingly allowing
tenants to use the property for criminal
activity that occurs on their property,
such as drug traffic and gang- related
Chronic Nuisance Properties
 Draft Chronic Nuisance Safety Ordinance holds
landlords responsible for continued police calls and
nuisance complaints on their rental property
– “Chronic” is defined as multiple calls to the same
residence in a period of time (i.e. 4 calls in 12
– “Nuisance activity” is identified as issues ranging from
disturbing the peace to committing a felony
– The landlord as well as the tenant can be charged for
cost recovery of all related police/city services to
respond to the call or abate the nuisance.
– Penalties can include Administrative Citations, liens,
or revocation of a Rental Housing Business License.
– This type of ordinance addresses the behavior of the
occupant, not the physical condition of the property
• Reactive vs. Pro-active enforcement
– Complaint and Patrol driven
– Task Force Model:
• Multi-departmental
• Multi- agency
• Funding Mechanisms for resources??
Cost recovery: administrative citations, liens
Agency partnerships
State & Federal Grants
General Fund
Joint Agency Opportunities
• Collaborate on ordinances and implementation
strategies with San Jacinto and the County of Riverside
for the entire Valley area
– San Jacinto’s Valley ROCS Program
– Supervisor Stone’s new Public Safety Program
• Potential to partner with the City of San Jacinto and the
County to develop a joint task force for creating and
implementing the ROCS ordinances and programs
• Collaborate with Government Agency Liaisons and the
CAC in providing opportunities for education, public
outreach, and enforcement efforts to implement the
programs in the valley
• Allocate resources to develop implementation programs
and identify cost-recovery mechanisms
Next Steps for the CAC
• Provide any comments or feedback to
the staff regarding the Hemet ROCS
program and priorities for the
ordinances, or others that should be
• Comments from the Government
Agency Representatives
• Comments from the public (optional)
• Topic for next agenda - options
• Adjourn
Thanks for being a
Hemet ROCS Star!