Gosport Crime and Reduction Disorder Partnership Strategic

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Transcript Gosport Crime and Reduction Disorder Partnership Strategic

Strategic Summary
Strategic Summary 2014
Performance Overview…
11% decrease in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
13% decrease in Criminal Damage
26% decrease in Alcohol & Public Place Violence
Strategic Summary 2014
Performance Overview…
 2% increase in Violent Crime – Nationally Police recorded
violence figures are up believed due to a renewed focus
on crime recording standards.
 20% increase in Domestic Violence – Nationally Police
recorded DV is up. Focus from PCCs nationally has led to
more victims reporting.
 65% increase in Child Abuse – National increase seen in
reports of sexual & child abuse believed to be a result
‘Operation Yewtree’.
Strategic Summary 2014
CSP Outcomes…
Reducing ASB –
 Early Intervention – Introduction of the Early Help Hub,
growth of the Supporting Families programme and
development of the PAG ensures intervention & support
offered at the earliest opportunity.
 Summer Passport Scheme – Ran for the seventh year with
341 young people participating, increase of 8% from 2013.
20% of young people working with Motiv8.
Strategic Summary 2014
CSP Outcomes…
Reducing Violent Crime and Domestic Abuse –
 Taxi Marshals – Implemented throughout periods of
identified peak demand with positive feedback from the
partners and public. Supports decrease in public place
 Domestic Abuse Awareness – Delivery of awareness
raising events in conjunction with White Ribbon Day &
SGCD. Safer Gosport website also developed to give timely
information to the public about DA & support available.
Strategic Summary 2014
CSP Outcomes…
Reducing Alcohol & Drug Related Offending –
About Turn Project – Probation co-ordinated project
supporting people affected by affected by alcohol & drug
misuse. Delivered by several partners including Community
Novel Psychoactive Substances – Funding secured from the
PCC to provide information to parents/carers and working
with Motiv8 highlight the dangers of NPS to young people
through music & shared experiences.
Strategic Summary 2014
CSP Outcomes…
Increasing the Feeling of Safety Amongst Gosport
Communities –
 YOUdecide – Successful funding bid to HCC with Decision
day held in October 2014. Six community projects funding
to the sum of £10k. The ARCs Young, Hungry & Homeless
project received the most votes.
 Safer Gosport Community Day – Good representation from
partners and residents. An engagement survey was
undertaken indicating 92% of respondents feel safe in
Gosport & ASB remains the highest priority for residents.
Strategic Summary 2014
 Community Safety Alliance – Forum will increase engagement &
co-ordination between CSPs & PCC’s. Invitation to the Chair of
CSPs to join.
 General Election – Set for May 2015. Change of Government could
impact greatly on CSPs due to differing priorities.
 Community Safety Funding –Funding for CSP initiatives are applied
for on a individual basis to the OPCC. Causes issues with long-term
planning & responding in a timely manner to emerging CS issues.
 Youth Support Services – Large reduction in HCC funding to
provide Youth Pods & Detached work. Potential for significant
impact on young people in Gosport & increase in youth crime.
Strategic Summary 2014
 ACSO Service – Now finished in Gosport. ACSOs worked closely
with the CS team primarily dealing with low-level neighbour
disputes. CS to receive mediation training February 2015.
 Safeguarding Children – Nationally the public’s confidence in
statutory services has been questioned following cases such as
Rotherham. CSP likely to see increase in awareness & reporting.
 SafetyNet – Work undertaken in Gosport & across Hampshire
with partners to increase information sharing via SafetyNet.
 Gosport Regeneration – Daedalus and Rowner Regeneration
currently under way. Creation of new jobs but associated ASB
issues in Alver Village managed through PAG.
Strategic Summary 2014
 ASB Crime & Policing Act 2014 – New legislation enacted October
2014 includes the Community Trigger & Community Remedy Menu.
Potential resource implications for CSP.
 Hampshire Constabulary – Operation Change Programme
continues. NPTs remain at similar level but TPT now operating from
Fareham. Co-terminus arrangements being progressed.
 Probation Service – From June 2014 now 35 Probation Trusts
dealing with high-risk offenders and 21 Community Rehabilitation
Companies dealing with medium/low-risk offenders. Potential for
impact on local delivery of IOM and About Turn project.
 Social Media – Throughout 2014 Safer Gosport Facebook friends
has doubled and 16% increase in Twitter followers.
Strategic Summary 2014
Suggested Priorities…
Overarching Aim: To improve the safety of Gosport Communities
 Priority 1 – Reducing ASB & Violent Crime
 Priority 2 – Protecting Vulnerable Members of the Community
 Priority 3 – Tackling Drug & Alcohol Misuse
 Priority 4 – Supporting families & Individuals to Prevent
 Priority 5 – Increasing the feeling of safety amongst Gosport
Strategic Summary 2014
Key Recommendations…
 CSP Board to endorse the five suggested priority areas of work.
 CSP Board to ensure staff attendance & engagement with the
monthly Partnership Action Group.
 CSP Board to support & promote information sharing via SafetyNet.
 CSP to consider more sustainable funding solutions. Consideration
to be given towards contributing to a small ring-fenced CSP budget.
 CSP continue to demonstrate effectiveness & increase funding
opportunities through good quality project evaluation.
 CSP to ensure the Board is representative of partner agencies who
have a vested interest in Community Safety. Consideration to be
given to representatives from Social Housing & Youth Services.