Informal Meeting of the Police and Crime Panel 10th

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Transcript Informal Meeting of the Police and Crime Panel 10th

Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk
Stephen Bett
Reducing Crime by Reducing Crisis
The health and well-being impact on
crime and anti-social behaviour
20 March 2013
Health and links to crime
• Cost of drug related crime nationally - £14
• Alcohol a factor in half of violent crimes
• Violent crime costs the NHS £2.9 billion
Public Health Reforms, what they mean for Drug and Alcohol Services
DrugScope 2013.
Bett’s 10-Point Pledge
KEEP Norfolk one of the lowest crime counties in the country
FIGHT serious and organised crime
SUPPORT victims of crime, vulnerable and elderly people
PROTECT the frontline in the face of cuts
PROTECT local policing from privatisation
USE targeting and prevention to reduce demand on police
WORK with young people to stay clear of crime
LISTEN carefully to the community, reaching out to minority communities
and the disengaged to ensure policing is fair and equitable
REJECT party politics and work with other Independents to provide a
national voice
USE Restorative Justice to achieve long-lasting solutions
PCC draft Crime & Disorder Reduction
• Reduce priority crime, anti-social behaviour and
• Reduce vulnerability, promote equality and support
• Reduce the need for service, through preventative and
restorative approaches and more joined up working
with partners; protecting the availability of front line
Pathways out of offending
Drugs & alcohol
Children & families
Attitudes, thinking and behaviour
Why wait until someone offends?
We need to ensure interventions are made at the
earliest opportunity which will impact positively
• Those vulnerable to being victims of crime
• Those vulnerable to offending
• Locations vulnerable to crime and ASB
So what are the Pathways out of vulnerability?
Successful zero based commissioning
Commissioning Cycle
We serve
Will enable us to work together to reduce vulnerability.
Understand – hearing the views of public, victims and stakeholders
Plan – deciding with partners how our objectives can be achieved
Do – influencing and commissioning
Review – assessing impact and feeding back to the public.
Our approach to Commissioning
• Integrated
• Focused on delivering the PCC Crime and
Disorder Objectives
• Against clear, measurable outcomes
• Transparent bidding process
• Cost effective mechanism
Norfolk PCC 2013/16 Commissioning
October ‘15
Formal evaluation
April ‘14
Services commence
October ‘13
Select successful services
June ‘13
Announce areas to be commissioned
Produce commissioning criteria
Thank you for listening!
Stephen Bett
PCC for Norfolk.
[email protected]