Extending SQL Server Data Mining

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Transcript Extending SQL Server Data Mining

Extending SQL Server Data
Ryan Ebert
Richard Rogers
Nick Crampton
 Use store procedures to add functions
past basic data mining
 Use visual studio to enhance data mining
 Develop plug in algorithms
 Develop new viewers to visualize data
Plug-in algorithms
 SQL server 2005 allows third parties to
develop their own algorithms for Analysis
 You can add or disable algorithms
 Add on algorithms appear to end user the
same as built in algorithms
How plug-in algorithm works
 Receives stream of data and extracts and
stores patterns
 Receives requests to describe patterns
and apply them to new data and make
Managed Plug-ins
 Plug-in is a COM object
 Possible to use COM interfaces with .net
 Usable with languages such as C# and VB
 Memory is not managed by Analysis
Installing Plug-in Algorithms
 Register COM
 Update server’s INI file
 Instructions are listed in sample plug-in
Use Data Mining Viewers
 Add viewers to algorithms
 Add viewers to display your own
 Included controls are .NET Winform
 You can create your own viewing library
 SQL server 2005 is very extendable
 Depends on your ability to program
 Works with plug-ins
 Create models, predictions, content
navigation, data mining viewers