Scope of the Data Science Journal

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A Journal of the Committee on Data for Science and
Technology (CODATA) of the International Council for
Science (ICSU)
The issues that confront builders and suppliers of scientific and
engineering databases usually occur across many fields, yet there is
virtually no mechanism for sharing new knowledge across disciplines.
The Data Science Journal is designed to foster such communication
and convey new insights and progress to the scientific data community,
regardless of discipline.
CODATA, the Committee on Data for Science and Technology of the
International Council of Scientific Unions is sponsoring this new peerreviewed, on-line journal devoted to scientific and engineering data.
An international editorial board has been appointed. The Editor-in-Chief
is Professor FJ Smith OBE MRIA FIMA of Queen’s University Belfast.
The first issue was published on-line at the end of April 2002.
Scope of the Data Science Journal
The focus will be on data management and delivery issues rather
than contents of specific databases in Science and Technology.
 Data capture, synthesis, analysis, evaluation; metadata; data
 Data structures; data storage, indexing, retrieval;
 Data exchange and sharing;
 Data display and manipulation;
 Data dissemination strategies; printing, CD-ROM, internet;
 Data quality, data consistency, data standards;
Scope of the journal (continued)
 Database planning, design, maintenance; archiving;
 Interfacing databases to the internet; to other systems, to data products;
 Database standards; compatibility; federated databases;
 Data mining, data science;
 Human-computer interfaces; visualisation in databases;
 Use of database packages, commercial issues; distributed databases;
 Legal issues, intellectual property rights; data policy; data access;
 Financial management, pricing, charging, marketing, selling; e-commerce;
 Industrial applications, industrial requirements;
 Adding intelligence to data systems, data modelling;
 Novel applications; case studies; interdisciplinary systems
Submitting papers to the journal
Anyone interested in submitting a paper to the journal should email a
copy to the Editor–in-Chief, Professor FJ Smith, at [email protected]
Submission and correspondence will be by email only. Printed papers
will not be accepted.
The following electronic formats are supported: Word; WordPerfect;
Rich text or pdf. Please do not send html files.
Detailed instructions on preparing papers for submission can be found
in the sample paper on the website at