Transcript rights

• 1962 First set of 4 fundamental rights
Right to Safety
Products must not endanger
consumer’s lives or health
Right to Safety
Responsible to use products safely.
Consumers must follow the
manufacturer’s instructions
Right to Be Informed
Businesses must provide accurate
information in advertising, labeling,
and sales practices.
Right to Be Informed
Consumers should use information to
evaluate product choices
Food labels, misleading advertising
Right to Choose
Consumers should have a variety of
goods and services from which to
Right to Choose
Consumers should take advantage of
product variety by considering many
options and making rational choices.
The Right to Be Heard
Government must consider
consumer interests
when creating laws.
The Right to Be Heard
Responsible to express satisfaction
or dissatisfaction. Inform elected
officials their opinions on consumer
issues and inform them of improper
business practices.
The Right to Redress
Consumers should be able to obtain
fair remedies to consumer problems
The Right to Redress
Seek Redress
Consumers should inform businesses of product
defects and unfair practices. Consumer should
pursue remedies
Right to Consumer Education
Sufficient information should be
available consumers to
make rational decisions.
Right to Consumer Education
Responsible to be an educated Consumer
Take advantage of opportunities to gather
information and learn how to make a rational buying
decisions, and the best value for you money.
Right to Healthy Environment
Contribute to a Healthy Environment
Consumers should support business
that operate responsibly and report
abuse to authorities.
Full Warranty
Limited Warranty
Implied warranties