Testing Front-End Electronics for the ATLAS new Small Wheel (nSW)

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Transcript Testing Front-End Electronics for the ATLAS new Small Wheel (nSW)

Testing Front-End Electronics for the ATLAS
new Small Wheel Upgrade
Reid Pinkham
UM CERN REU Final Talk
August 10, 2016
Background: new Small Wheel
 Replace the present ATLAS Small Wheel with a new Small Wheel for the Phase-I upgrade
~ 10 m
 Current muon system has many “fake” LV1 triggers and the small wheel is not
designed for the increased hit rate at high luminosities
 New detector will provide both trigger and precision measurement
 nSW will have two detector technologies, sTGC and Micro-Megas
new Small Wheel (nSW)
Background: MMFE8 Front-End Readout Board
 Front-End board for the Micro-Megas detectors
 Readout is done by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) called the VMM
 Front-End board has 8 such chips and attaches directly to the detector
 Current prototype includes a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to interface the
Connection to Detector
Custom ASIC
Ethernet for
FPGA to configure
ASICs and Readout
Trigger Input
My Projects: VMM Calibration with xADC
 The Xilinx Analog Digital Converter (xADC) in the FPGA is used to sample
the DC levels
 The FPGA Firmware reads thousands of analog values from a VMM and
sends them out to the control software over Gigabit Ethernet.
 The xADC firmware is implemented as a small part of the whole
MMFE8 readout firmware
 More features will be added in the future such as configurable sample
size and period
My Projects: Simultaneous VMM Readout
 The current stable firmware can only read data from one VMM
 This limits the area of the detector which can be readout
 Solution: Readout all VMM chips for each trigger
 This required a large firmware restructuring
 Bug fixes are still ongoing, semi-stable version complete
1 VMM Readout Timing
Bonus Activity: Test Beam for Micro-Megas Detectors
 120 GeV Pion Beam with controllable bunch rate
 A ~ 5 kHz bunch rate was used
 At the Prévessin site
 Tested small Micro Mega Detectors with MMFE8
Front End Boards (FEBs)
Detectors + FEBs
Trigger Electronics
Ethernet Switch
High Voltage
Test Beam Results
 Successfully read data from one VMM with an external trigger
 Can see beam profile in data
 Gathered data from multiple boards in beam, track reconstruction ongoing
Channel Hit Distribution
Channel Number
 I would like to thank the team from NTUA and BNL for allowing me to join their group
for the summer
 I would also like to thank the NSF for supporting the REU program and my summer at
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