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Mrs. Cromwell-Olson
Electric charge
 All matter is made of atoms
 Atoms are made of protons (+), neutrons,
and electrons (-)
 Law of Electric Charges- like charges repel,
and opposite charges attract
 Protons and Electrons thus attract
Electric Force
 Electric Force- the force between charged
 Strength of electric force depends on 2
• size of the charges
• distance between the charges
 Electric Field- region around a charged
particle that can exert a force on another
charged particle
Electrical Energy / Current
 Cell-
device that produces an electric
current by converting chemical energy to
electrical energy
 Battery- made of several cells
 Potential Difference- a difference in
charge, allows electric current to flow;
measured in volts (V)
 Current- rate at which charge passes a
point; unit is ampere (A)
Current / Resistance
 Direct Current (DC)- charges flow in one
 Alternating Current (AC)- charges continually
switch directions
 Resistance- opposition to flow of electric
charge; unit is ohm
• Resistance depends on the material the wires
are made of
• Thick wires have less resistance than thin
• Short wires have less resistance than long
Electric Power / Circuits
 Electrical power- the rate at which electrical
energy is used to do work
 Power = Voltage x Current
 Circuit- complete, closed path through
which electricity flows
 Series Circuit- all parts are connected in a
single loop (p.442)
 Parallel Circuit- different loads are located
on different branches (p. 443)
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