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The monitor
The monitor is essentially a computer. The four inputs
along the top are: Power, Voltage, Current, and an
Ethernet connection.
Flexible Current Transformers
These are the Current Transformers (CTs). These
are used to measure the amount of AC current
traveling through a conductor by wrapping them
around it.
Installed CTs
Red: Flexible CT
Green: Hard CT
The CTs are each wrapped around one wire. One is
around the Brown, one around the Orange, and one
around the Yellow (the 3 phases). There is a hard
CT around the ground (green) conductor
Connection of the Voltage
Red: Phase Connection
Green: Ground
There are 4 voltage leads in this picture. One is
connected to each phase, and the other is connected
to ground.
The Monitor Inside an Air
Conditioner Unit
You can see the monitor in
the back to the right. The
voltage at this point was
480V, so in order to power
my monitor I had to step
that down to 120V using a
transformer. The leads to
the transformer can be seen
in this picture
The monitor is circled in red. The
transformer leads are the red wires
indicated by the red arrows.
The whole picture
and fuse box
Laptop bag
Monitor bag
Ethernet cable
My tool bag
I am downloading the monitor in this picture. You
can see my laptop on top, and a white wire going
down to the monitor.