Electrical Generation and Transmission

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Electrical Generation and
Generating Electricity
Can use a magnetic field to produce an electric
Electromagnetic induction = process of generating a
current by moving an electrical conductor relative to
a magnetic field (discovered by Farraday – 1831)
Ex. Moving a magnet through a solenoid creating a
=A device that converts mechanical energy to
electrical energy
Ex. Generator used in a snowstorm
Rotates a coil of wire
in a magnetic field
Types of generators
AC = Alternating current generator – charges
produced flow in one direction first, then the
other direction
DC = Direct current generator – charges
produce a direct current
Transformer = a device that increases or
decreases the voltage and current of two linked
AC currents
How works? – induces a magnetic field in one
coil which then induces an alternating current
in another coil with a different number of turns.
Step up transformer
increase voltage in transmission line
Step up transformer
Goes from low number of coils on side where
voltage comes in and high number of coils where
voltage is going out
How do you know how much
voltage gets stepped up?
10 coils
5 coils
120 volts
5 coils x 10 coils
120 volts
Cross multiply and solve for X
Volts out = ?
Solve for X
X = 240 volts
Step Down Transformers
Step down transformer
Goes from high number of coils on left (high
voltage in) to a low number of coils on right
(low voltage out)
How do you know how much
voltage gets stepped down?
20 coils
1000 volts
1000 Volts
20 X = 10000
10 coils
Voltage out = ?
Solve for X
X = 10000
X = 500 volts
So how does power get to your