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The Tech Based Science
Classroom - Preparing Students
for the Global Society
A Three hour workshop
Ben Smith and Jared Mader
Red Lion Area School District
Monday, June 25, 2007
About Us
Ben Smith:
Jared Mader:
Physics Teacher
K-12 Science Coordinator
Technology Resource
Keystone Technology
Doctoral Student in
Instructional Technology
STAR Discovery Educator
ISTE Consultant
BlendedSchools Consultant
QuickTi me™ and a
TIFF ( Uncompressed) decompressor
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Director of Technology
Former Chemistry Teacher
Technology Staff
Development Trainer
Keystone Technology
Masters Student in
Instructional Technology
STAR Discovery Educator
BlendedSchools Consultant
Ready or Not . . .
The World is Different
• Work is different ...
• Tools are different ...
• Communication is different ...
• Information is different ...
• Kids are different ...
And Learning Is Different!
How we work
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Workshop Info
Breaks… Sorry
Laptops Open / Closed
Follow Up
Participants will be able to create and use templates
for student use in Word, Inspiration and PowerPoint
Participants will be able to use and understand the
effectiveness of science probes for collecting data
Participants will be able to take digital photos and
incorporate them into different applications for science
laboratory write-ups
Participants will be able to create a short narrated
movie of a science lab activity
Participants will be able to create a podcast describing
a science activity
Theory and Foundation
Hardware / Software Overview
Designing an Experiment (Inspiration)
Collecting Data - Motion Lab
Using Excel and Word to Report
Collecting Data - Boyle’s Law
Using Photos in PowerPoint
Using Templates
Collecting Data - Fruit Batteries
Video Reporting
Collecting Data - Temperature Changes
Podcasting Results
Our Vision
Students will use technology seamlessly as
a regular part of their education
Each student will come to class with their
own computing device
All of the computing devices will be
Teachers and Students will have the skills
necessary to use the Hardware and
Our Reality
Labs within our rooms - 2-3 students per
Students do not have the skills to use the
technology - We need to teach the skills
first or in conjunction
Students may or may not have access to
the internet and other software at home
What is Digitizing the Classroom?
Taking the things that take place in the classroom
and making them available digitally
Worksheets / Handouts - Teacher Output
Lectures / Discussions / Anything Audible
Lab Reports / Papers - Student Input
Data Collection
Concurrent Session - Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 PM
WGCC, B207
Pedagogical Foundations
Curriculum must drive the need for technology
Technology is simply the tool used to facilitate
student-centered learning
Technology makes it easier to accomplish
Taxonomy of Technology Use1
Thomas and Boysen, Iowa State University, 1984
Equipment Needs
Digital Camera
Camera Cards
Card Reader Optional
Digital Camcorder
Firewire / USB Cable
Probes / Interface
Office Suite (Zoho)
Word, PPT, Excel
Inspiration (Cmap)
iMovie / Moviemaker
Logger Pro /
Using Templates - Easier Writeups
Poster Session
Kiosk (set up transitions)
Lab write-up
Notebook / Tabbed View
Working with Students
Provide written or video instructions
Quick demonstrations
Facilitate class
Designing Experiments
Inspiration - Mind Mapping
Cmap is a free alternative
Give students template
Task: Design an experiment examining
how air resistance affects falling coffee
Collecting Motion Data
GoMotion! Sensors - Vernier
Set up motion sensor
Collect data for a falling coffee filter
Nest several filters and repeat
Report findings using Word and Excel
Teacher Notes
Have students work collaboratively outside
of class using Web 2.0 tools such as Zoho
Students can paste Excel data into Word
Watch formatting of tables and document
Using Digital Images in Labs
Set up Boyle’s Law Lab
Pressure Sensor
Adjust Volume, Measure Pressure
Take digital photos
Report results in PowerPoint
Use template provided
Teacher Notes
Downsize images before inserting into
Set digital cameras to low resolution
Use Graphic Converter
Copy graphs and tables from Excel
Collecting Data - Including Video
Fruit Battery
Build battery by putting zinc and copper
electrodes into fruit
Measure voltage with sensor
Vary something and monitor voltage
Depth of electrodes
Separation of electrodes
Type of fruit
Report results in a video
What you did, what you found, how you know
Teacher Notes
Record video on the fly - no tapes
Have students script their words
Use tripod or steady camera position
Video first, narrate later
Collecting Data - Podcasting
Temperature changes
Monitor the temperature of the reaction
Record observations
Report work with Audacity
Teacher Notes
Recording / Narrating can be done for
video or PowerPoint projects
Conclusion / Questions
Any files submitted will be placed on our
Zip files
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