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ITCC 2005
International Conference o n Information Technology
April 11-13, 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Submission Deadline: October 29, 2004
General Chair
Henry Selvaraj
ECE Department
University of Nevada
Las Vegas,NV 89154
Phone: +1 (702) 895-4184
Fax: +1 (702) 895-1115
[email protected]
Program Committee Chair
Pradip Srimani, Clemson University
Finance Chair
The rapid growth in information science and technology in general and the complexity and volume of multimedia data in
particular have introduced new challenges for the research community. Of particular interest is the need for a concise
representation, efficient manipulation, and fast transmission of multimedia data. Applications such as space science,
telemedicine, military, and robotics deal with large volumes of data which need to be stored and processed in real time.
The ITCC is an international forum which brings together researchers and practitioners working on different aspects of
Information Technology. It is a gathering where the latest theoretical and technological advances on Information
Technology are presented and discussed. All papers submitted to this conference will be refereed by at least two members
of the ITCC program committee. The ITCC proceedings will be available at the time of the conference. The ITCC 2005 is
sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, and is orgnaized in cooperation with The Premier Hall for Advancing Science
and Engineering (PHASE) and The National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE). The
ITCC 2005 is being held in conjunction with a related conference- Internatioanl Conference on Information Systems:
New Generations (ISNG 2005) whose emphasis is primarily on information systems hardware, prototypes and
Venkatesan Muthukumar, UNLV
Registration Chair
Emma Regentova, UNLV
Publicity Chair
Ajit Abraham
Local Organizing Chair
Yingtao Jiang, UNLV
Conf. Secretary
Vasu Jolly, UNLV
Program Commitee
Ajith Abraham
Sheikh I. Ahamed
Y. Alp Aslandogan
Mario Cannataro
Josep Domingo-Ferrer
Paul Douglas
Sumeet Dua
Mohammad Eyadat
Moses Garuba
Nazli Goharian
Ray Hashemi
Elaine Lawrence
Maria Mirto
Luiza Mourelle
Nadia Nedjah
Emma Regentova
Amanda Spink
Johnson Thomas
Shantaram Vasikarla
Charles Willow
Proposals are solicited from those who are interested in organizing a track dealing with a specific area of Information
Technology. Track organizers will be members of the program committee and will be responsible for advertising,
collecting and reviewing technical articles. The names of the Track organizers will appear in the ITCC proceedings as
associate editors of the proceedings. Each track is anticipated to include approximately 25 to 30 papers. Organizers
with fewer submissions may consider organizing sessions instead, with each session consisting of 4 to 5 papers.
Tracks Organized so far:
1) "Web Search Technologies", Amanda Spink, University of Pittsburg, USA.
2) "Data Coding and Compression", Emma Regentova,, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.
3) "Information Assurance and Security", Ajith Abraham & Johnson Thomas,, Oklahoma State Univ (Tulsa),USA.
4)"New Trends in Image Processing", Shantaram Vasikarla,, American InterContinental University, USA.
5)"Data Mining", Ray Hashemi, Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA.
6)"Embedded Cryptographic Systems", Nadia Nedjah & Luiza Mourelle,, State University, Brazil.
7) "Distributed and grid systems", Maria Mirto,, University of Lecce, Italy.
8) "Next-generation Web and Grid Systems", Mario Cannataro,, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy.
9) "E-Gaming", Josep Domingo-Ferrer,, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain.
10) "Bioinformatics", Y. Alp Aslandogan & Sumeet Dua, UT Arlington, Louisiana Tech University, USA.
11) "Database Technology", Moses Garuba,, Howard University, USA.
12) "Mobile Enterprise", Elaine Lawrence,, University of Technology, Australia.
13) "Information Retrieval", Nazli Goharian, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.
14) "Software Engineering", Mohammad Eyadat,, California State University, USA.
15) "Pervasive Computing", Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed,, Marquette University, USA.
16)"Education: Curriculum, Applications and Research", Paul Douglas,, University of Westminster, England
(17) "E-Commerce", Charles Willow, Monmouth University, USA
Student Best Paper
Student Best Paper will be awarded at the conference. To be eligible, the student must be the sole author of the paper,
or the first author and primary contributor. (The winner of the award will present the paper in a plenary session at the
conference). A cover letter to the Program Chair/Track Chair must identify the paper as a candidate for this
competition at the time of submission.
Keynote Speakers
The conference features three keynote speeches. The emphasis specially is on presentations which address global
issues governing information technology as opposed to those related to detailed and specific contributions. Examples
of appropriate topics include Information Technology undergraduate curricula in the world, The Impact of Advances in
Information Technology on our Society, Government Investment in the IT area, etc. If you wish to nominate a qualified
person as an ITCC keynote speaker, please contact the General Chair.
Submission Instruction
Papers should be original and contain contributions of theoretical or experimental nature, or be unique experience reports. Authors should send a 6-page
summary of their original and unpublished work including 5 keywords in the IEEE format to General Chair- [email protected] . Electronic submission
in the PDF format or Word document is strongly encouraged. Per ITCC policy, except for invited papers, all papers will be refereed by at least two
independent referees. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings with an ISBN. Selected papers presented in the conference will be
considered for publication in a special issue of an international journal.