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Name :Mak Hoi Kiu ,Ngai Ting Sin
(Pronounce :Si-mi-le)
• Meaning: Simile is a kind of expression that describes something
by comparing it with something else.
• Form:object+be+as+adjective +as+object
• Usage:explicitly provide the basis of a comparison or leave this
basis implicit which means is to make the description more
powerful ,use simple and fewer words to force the reader and
listener to think.
Pattern: We link up simile with as…as,…like…,as…if,…resemble… and
other various sentence.
The different between simile and metaphor
So far,we know that the different between a simile and
metaphor is simile uses connecting words such as like and
as ,but metaphor doesn't.
Text type
We use similes in poetry ,fables,riddles,literature or even
famous songs like Beatles(Hard day's night)
Good point
We can use simple and fewer words to forces the reader or listener.
Similes can make the description more powerful and eye catching.
• A good book is like a good meal.
• The ruler is as straight as an arrow.
• Mary's face is as pale as death.
• Her forehead is as hot as hell.
• They are as welcome as a skunk lawn party.(This sentence have a judge
• Her voice is music to my ears.
Leaves are green jade,
Branches are short
tooth pick,
Roofs are long train,
Bark of tough metal,
Flowers are graceful
Fruits are sweet honey.
Leaves as green as jade,
Branches as short as tooth pick,
Roofs as long as train,
Bark as tough as metal,
Flowers are like graceful swan,
Fruits are as sweet as honey.
1.The naughty little boy is as agile as a _____
(1.kitten 2.monkey 3.dog)
2.The prince is as ugly as a _____
(1.foot 2.toad 3.dumb)
3.I am as angry as a _____
(1.tadpole 2.chipmunk 3.bull)
4.The hot temper man is as stealth as a ____
(1.tiger 2.ram 3.elephant)
5.Mary smokes like a____
(1.swan 2.chimney 3.snail)
The end