Environmental Issues in Europe

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Transcript Environmental Issues in Europe

Environmental Issues in
Air pollution in the United Kingdom
Acid Rain in Germany
Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine
• SS6G9 The student will discuss
environmental issues in Europe.
• a. Explain the major concerns of
Europeans regarding the issues such as
acid rain in Germany, air pollution in the
United Kingdom, and the nuclear
disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine.
Essential Question
• What are the major environmental
issues in Europe?
Air Pollution in the United
 Causes
 Power Stations (industry and
power generation
 Vehicle emissions
Air Pollution in the United
– Damage to vegetation
– Harm to the atmosphere
– Harm to human beings
– Causes acid rain
– Air pollution from the United Kingdom
spreads to nearby countries
London Fog
Acid Rain in Germany
 Causes
– Acid rain forms when water vapor in the
air reacts with certain chemical
 These compounds, including sulfur dioxide and
nitrogen oxides, come largely from the
burning of coal, gasoline, and oil.
 Most automobiles, factories, and power plants
burn such fuels for energy.
Acid Rain in Germany
Damage to vegetation and aquatic life
Contamination of drinking water
Damage to physical structures such as buildings
and monuments
Acid rain moves from Germany to surrounding
There are many forms of acid rain that are
seen around the world. In Germany, the
forests are believed to be dying because acid
rain is harming them. Scientists say that acid
rain damages the waxy outer coating that
protects the leaves.
The German government take environmental
issues in the country extremely seriously and
the inclusion of the Green party in the ruling
coalition over the past few years has greatly
influenced Germany's energy and
environmental policy objectives. Despite this
however, emissions from coal-burning utilities
and industries are contributing to air pollution
and acid rain in Germany, and are damaging
the country’s forests.
Acid Rain
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Nuclear Accident
 Cause
 A nuclear reactor in Chernobyl,
Ukraine overheated and exploded.
Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
 Consequences
 Land Evacuation
 Land contamination
 Economic hardships on East and North
European Farmers
 High rates of cancer, birth defects, and in
some cases death
The problems caused by the
disaster were not isolated to
The problems spread to
surrounding countries through air
Much farmland is still unusable