Classification Puzzles

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Classification Puzzles
A is a whale
1. Four vertebrates A, B, C and D are
a zebra, a monkey,
a whale and a robin.
B is a zebra
C is not a mammal, B is smaller than A,
but B is larger
C isthan
a robin
Which vertebrate
is which?
D is a monkey
2. I am carnivorous when I
am adult, feeding on insects.
I can get oxygen
I into my body
using both my lungs and my
skin. I mustAm
keep my skin
moist at all time otherwise I
will die by dehydration
(drying out). I reproduce in
fresh water and my eggs are
fertilised outside my body.
What vertebrate am I?
3. My body is divided into three
parts called a head, a thorax and
an abdomen. I have
I a skeleton on
the outside of my body called an
exoskeleton, which
Am isn’t made
from bone. Fertilisation of my
eggs takes placeAn
inside my body
and my young are laid in soft eggs.
I can fly.
Which group in the animal
kingdom do I belong to?
Some strange new plants have been discovered on a tropical island. Here is
the not very scientific report on them.
Plant A doesn’t have leaves but green spikes grow on its branches.
Plant B is found growing on rocks near a stream. It looks like green slime.
Plant C has long green leaves which, when you rub their underside, brown
powder comes off.
Plant D is found growing on damp ground in large clumps. It is furry to
touch and doesn’t have any roots.
Plant E has pink fruit which are very tasty to eat.
Plant F looks like green dots and is found growing in a pond.
Plant G is very attractive to bees.
Classify the plants into the groups algae, mosses, ferns, conifers and
flowering plants. (There may be more than one in a group)
A is a conifer
E is a flowering plant
B is algae
F is algae
C is a fern
G is a flowering plant
D is moss