Galinsoga (Galinsoga ciliata)

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Transcript Galinsoga (Galinsoga ciliata)

(Galinsoga ciliata)
Family: Asteraceae - Means the aster family which was formerly called
the composite family.
Genus: Galinsoga - (gal-in-soga) In England this plant was called
“gallant Soldier” in memory of Mariano Martinez Galinsoga, an 18th
century Spanish doctor in Madrid, who was also a botanist.
Species: ciliata - (sill-ee-ata) From the Latin cilium meaning eyelash
indicating the leaves are fringed with hairs.
Other common names include gallant soldier, hairy galinsoga, shaggy,
quickweed soldier, quick weed, water weed and Macdonaldi.
Galinsoga is an annual which reproduces only by seed. In Altona Forest
it is found east of the parking lot near Petticoat Creek.
Galinsoga has young leaves which are opposite, oval to triangular
coarsely-toothed, petiolated, and densely covered with hairs on the
upper surface. Lower leaves have hairs that primarily occur on the
The stems are erect, which can be 60 cm high. They are freelybranched, green, occasionally with maroon-tinges and covered with
The fruit is small, hairy, brown to black achene.
The flowers are found in terminal stems or in the leaf axils. They are
less than 1 cm wide and consist of 4 to 5 white or pink, 3-toothed ray
flowers and many yellow disk flowers in the centre.
The leaves are eggshaped, large toothed
with three main veins.
The stems are hairy. The
leaves also have hairs.
The flowers are small (about 1 cm or less across). The white
flowers have 3-toothed rays and a yellow centre.
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