Milkweed Bugs

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Transcript Milkweed Bugs

1. Milkweed bugs live under the leaves of
milkweed plants in small groups.
2. They need milkweed plants to survive.
3. They live in a climate that is comfortable for
humans because the milkweed plants die if it is
too cold.
4. They find shelter under milkweed plant leaves.
5. The habitat looks sunny and grassy.
6. The milkweed bug can be found in North
America from Southern Canada to Mexico.
1. In each stage of the life cycle, the way the
milkweed bug moves is: In egg they don’t move,
in nymph they walk, and in adult mostly fly.
2. They have very few predators but
sometimes birds eat them.
3. They don’t have prey.
4. They eat seeds, leaves and stems of milkweed
5. We could not find the info about what time of
day they eat.
6. They eat by piercing the seed pod with their
7. We could not find the info about how many
times a day it eats and how much.