Practice Number 2

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Mrs. Bradl’s FCAT
Part Two
Keisha wants to show Amy what happens during one Earth day. Keisha
holds a small globe representing Earth, and Amy holds a large ball
representing the Sun.
What should Keisha do to show Amy what happens during one Earth day?
A. Keisha should move the globe in one complete circle around Amy.
B. Keisha should move the globe toward Amy and then away from her.
C. Keisha should slowly lift the globe above her head and then lower it.
D. Keisha should slowly spin the globe one complete time about its axis.
Evan is investigating the properties of two rocks he collected while on a
nature hike. He decides to try to scratch both of the rocks. He is able to
scratch Rock 1with his fingernail. When he tries to scratch Rock 2, he is
not able to scratch it with his fingernail. Next, Evan tries to scratch Rock
2 with a penny. Evan is able to scratch Rock 2 with a penny. What can
Evan infer about the hardness of these two rocks?
A. Rock 2 is harder than Rock 1.
B. The rocks have the same hardness.
C. The rocks have the same streak color.
D. Rock 1 is harder than Rock 2
attraction to magnets
streak color
There are many different natural resources
found in Florida. Which of the following can
be described as a renewable resource?
A. limestone
B. oil
C. phosphate
D. water
Earth has a great variety of surface features that are caused by
weathering and erosion. Which of the following describes a
change due to weathering?
A. ocean waves washing sand off the beach
B. rivers carrying soil and rocks through valleys
C. wind blowing sand and pebbles off of a sand dune
D. tree roots breaking rocks into smaller pieces of rock
Part 1
The life cycle of both butterflies and grasshoppers starts at the same stage.
The pictures below show the life cycle of both organisms.
Which of the following is the beginning stage of the life cycle for both the
butterfly and the grasshopper?
A. egg
B. larva
C. nymph
D. pupa
Morgan made a chart comparing and contrasting the life cycles of two Florida plants:
the orange tree and the longleaf pine tree. Here is the table Morgan made.
Reproductive Structures
Orange tree
Longleaf pine
Location of Seeds
Most are pollinated by
Some are pollinated by
In fruits
All are pollinated by
In cones
Morgan wasn’t sure what reproductive structure to write in the table for longleaf
pine. Which answer below shows the correct reproductive structure for a
longleaf pine?
The Sun provides the energy to be used by the living things in the lagoon food
chain shown below.
Which of the following describes the transfer of energy from a producer to a
A. from Kingfisher to Perch
B. from Perch to Brine Shrimp
C. from Green Algae to the Sun
D. from Green Algae to Brine Shrimp
Katie put a flowering plant on her kitchen table.
How would the flowers respond to light coming through
the window?
A. The flowers would begin to wilt.
B. The flowers would change color.
C. The flowers would lean toward the window.
D. The flowers would open facing away from the