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Soap nuts a brief introduction
use your imagination for a moment!
Imagine you need not use any chemicals in your Laundry.
Imaging about a single product that would help you
with all the cleaning in your house.
And imagine that product is free from any kind of chemical
that harms your household articles and even your hand.
Yes this is a natural product that grows on trees.
It is called Soap Nut and it has high quality of Saponin.
It is cheaper than your regular washing powder,
And it doesn’t harm you or your things in any way
as in the case of regular washing powders.
Ritha (Sapindus mukorossi) with its large leaves, is
a handsome deciduous tree found in India. This tree
belongs to the main plant order Sapindaceae and
family Sapindeae. Also known as soap-nut tree, it is
one of the most important trees of tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. It is also called doadni,
doda and dodan in Indian dialects.
The trunk of Ritha is straight and cylindrical, nearly
4 to 5 m in height. The canopy comprising side
branches and foliage constitutes an umbrella-like
hemispherical top measuring about 5 m in diameter.
The tree can reach an height of 25 m and a girth of 3
to 5 m in nearly 70 years of its existence. Ritha is
thus an excellent tree for planting along boulevards.
The bark of Ritha is shinning gray and fairly smooth
when the plant is young. It is dark gray when the
plant approaches maturity. Ritha leaves are long
stalked odd pinnate. The rachis is nearly 30 to 50
cm long and bears 5 to 10 pairs of leaflets. An
individual leaflet is about 7 to 15 cm long and 2 to 5
cm wide. It is acuminate and lanceolate in shape.
The size of leaflets towards the tip of the rachis is
Ritha flowers during summer. The flowers are small
and greenish white, polygamous and mostly
bisexual in terminal thyrses or compound cymose
panicles. These are sub-sessile; numerous in
number and at times occur in lose panicles at the
end of branches. The fruit appears in July-August
and ripens by November-December. These are
solitary globose, round nuts 2 to 2.5 cm diameter,
fleshy, saponaceous and yellowish brown in color.
The seed is enclosed in a black, smooth and hard
globose endocarp.
Sapindus Mukkorossi
[Soap nut]
fruits on the tree
Soap nuts the natural wash all
• Soap nuts help us to
was almost every
thing at home in a
natural way.
• This nuts have a
soapy substance
called Sapanin in their
shell and fruit pulp.
• It washes smoothly. It
leaves no marks of
washing on the things
Soap nuts Shells are rich in Sapinin
• The shell part of Soap
nuts is much more
valuable for it’s rich
content of Sapinin.
• It gives out this sapinin
when soak in water. It
comes out smoothly as
• When rinsed, it gives
harmless foam to
wash every thing.
• Please look in the
brochure for details of
Dear Respected Importer!
Sappindus Mukkorossi the best natural soap
and shampoo.
Especially best for people have allergy to
chemicals and detergent.
Natural way of cleaning your clothes and hair.
Wash away the dirt silently Without any side
effect or any damage.
Available in Sanspareil whole sale pack of
Retail package as per your wish is also available
Test the sample product we sent to you. Feel
Free to ask us any of your doubts.
We wish to have a long term business
relationship with you for our mutual benefit.
Joseph Sagayaraj, Proprietor, 7SS, India
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