The Water Cycle

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Transcript The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
The earth’s water keeps going around
and around in what we call the "Water
This cycle is made up of a few main parts:
1. evaporation
2. condensation
3. precipitation
4. transpiration
A. Evaporation- Liquid to Gas
Evaporation is when the
sun heats up water in
rivers or lakes or the
ocean and turns it into
vapor or steam.
The water vapor or
steam leaves the river,
lake or ocean and goes
into the air.
Water to water Vapor
B. CondensationGas to Liquid
Water vapor in the air
gets cold and changes
back into liquid,
forming clouds. This is
called condensation.
Example: the droplets
that form on the
outside of a cold
The water vapor
condensed into water
C. Precipitation
Precipitation occurs
when so much water
has condensed that the
air cannot hold it
The clouds get heavy
and water falls back to
the earth in the form of
rain, hail, sleet or snow.
D. Transpiration
Transpiration is the
process by which
plants lose water out
of their leaves.
Transpiration gives
evaporation a bit of a
hand in getting the
water vapor back up
into the air.
Review of the Main Parts of the
Water Cycle
A.Evaporation- Liquid to Gas
Water changes to water vapor
B. Condensation- Gas to Liquid
Water vapor cools in the atmosphere and forms
small droplets.
C. Precipitation- Small droplets of water come
together and form large droplets and fall to Earth
Interesting Facts
Water droplets before they precipitate to earth combine with millions of other
droplets until they become heavy enough to fall.
The average speed of a raindrop is 14 miles an hour and is only .04 to .24
inches in diameter.
A raindrop must be at least .02 inches big otherwise it is considered drizzle. In
illustrations raindrops usually are drawn tear shaped, but actually look more like the top
of a hamburger bun.
According to the USGS, you may drink the same water as a dinosaur did 180 245 million years ago.
Frozen water is 9% lighter than water, which is why ice floats on water.
For more interesting facts about water.