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Transcript Woodlice Powerpoint - Griffin Theatre Arts

All about woodlice
What is a woodlouse?
• Woodlice are
invertebrates, which
means that they do
not have a backbone.
• Woodlice are not
insects but
crustaceans and are
more closely related
to crabs than to
Where do they live? (Habitat)
• A woodlouse’s habitat
is dark and damp.
• Can you think of some
places woodlice might
like to live in your
garden or around
What do woodlice look like?
• Find 1cm on a ruler - that
is about the length of a
• Woodlice have 14 parts
to their body and can curl
up to protect themselves
from danger with their
hard outer shell.
• Woodlice are usually grey
or brown.
What do woodlice eat? (Diet)
• Woodlice eat leaves,
wood, plants and
fruits that are rotting
on the ground.
• Toads and spiders are
amongst their
predators (creatures
that eat them).
An interesting fact…
• There are different names
for woodlice in different
parts of the country.
These include tiggy-hogs,
parsons-pigs, cheesy-bugs
and Billy buttons!
• Which one is your
Talk to a partner …
• What 3 facts can you remember about woodlice?