The Effects of Miracle Grow Soil versus Ground Soil on

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Transcript The Effects of Miracle Grow Soil versus Ground Soil on

The Effects of Miracle Grow Soil
Ground Soil on Brassica Rapa
Cassie Tripp
Undergraduate Biology Major
Health Science Concentration
Cookeville,TN 38505
Project Summary
I wanted to know if turnip plants flourish in
growth using miracle grow soil versus ground
Is the overall growth of the plants between the
two soil types any difference throughout the
weeks of the experiment?
I expect the leaves to be a few inches longer
using miracle grow soil.
I observed how the Brassica Rapa (turnip plant)
is effective by planting the plant in miracle grow
soil versus ground soil.
The question is will the soil type play a major
role in effecting the growth during its lifespan? I
understand by properly watering the plant and
light exposure will be an indicator to help me
receive the correct results (Donohue 2002). I
read that light exposure is a valuable source for
my plants (Anderson 2005).
Objective is to show that the Brassica rapa will grow
more effectively in the miracle grow soil compare to
ground soil.
Hypothesis is base on prior experience with plants I have
planted using miracle grow soil that it will increasingly
make my plants to produce bigger and better plants
compare to ground soil.
Null hypothesis is the miracle grow soil will not do
anything to the growth of the turnip plant.
Eight turnip plants was used to conduct the
experiment. The method consisted of planting
the eight plants in separate pots with four in the
miracle grow soil and four in ground soil (Moles
2001). The length of the plants was two to three
inches at the initial start and check throughout
the experiment.
Each plant was water as planted and therefore
water as needed (Moles 2006). Also, the plant
was place in light exposure.
Data Form
Figure 1: turnip plant with miracle grow soil
Figure 2: Turnip plant with ground soil
8 pots
8 Turnip plants
- 1 plant in each pot.
Miracle Grow Soil
Ground Soil
The miracle grow soil was found to produce
bigger and greener plants compare to ground
soil. The length using miracle grow soil was
eight inches long while the ground soil produce
plants with six to seven inches.
Figure 3: Results of Miracle Grow Soil versus Ground Soil
Angela Moles stated that the amount of stress or the
effect applied to a plant will play a role in the life cycle of
the plant (Moles 2006).
In my case, the soil type did have an impact toward the
plant. The miracle grow soil added an extra boost to
spark the plant to grow increasingly over the eight week
period (Azad 2003).
Watering the plant plus the light exposure was both a
key success in conducted the final results (Howard
2001). My hypothesis was indeed correct producing
larger and greener plants.
In conclusion, the miracle grow soil significantly effected
the plant compare to the ground soil. When the plants
are compared, it is evident that the plant with miracle
grow soil produce greener and two to three inches bigger
Both plants had the same surroundings including being
water and light exposure. The miracle grow soil prove to
increase the size while reflecting the type of soil does
make the difference.
My hypothesis was proven correct.