Horrible Historic Weather Events

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TornadoOhio 2002
Horrible Historic Weather
Severe, damaging, life threatening weather.
By: Kaylana Adair
Katrina- 2006
When Hurricane Katrina
struck the east coast…
When Hurricane Katrina hit the
east coast in 2005, it was the
most deadliest, most destructive
cyclone coming from the
Atlantic. It was one of the top 5
deadliest hurricanes in United
States history!
o How we got the hurricane that
was this dangerous…
o The highest winds was 174 mph!
o The lowest air pressure was 902!
A very dangerous type of
What it looked like…
Hurricane Katrina
As you can see, the hurricane
started to form around Florida,
or the southeast part of
America, and it made it’s way
up towards us.
The Jarrell
F5 Tornado
 The Jarrell Tornado was an F5
tornado. It hit the town of Jarrell,
TX 1997.
 They are formed by two air
masses “chasing around each
other”, which creates a funnel.
How tsunamis are
Tsunamis are formed by
earthquakes under the sand of
the sea.
Earthquakes make the ground
rumble, right? Well if it’s a
severe earthquake it can make
the sea floor rumble so hard, it
makes a huge wave which is
called a tsunami.
There are lots of tsunamis where
there are islands. Like Indonesia
for instance. They get hit buy
tsunamis all the time!
In The Philippines
Blizzards is not just snow falling
from the sky causing snow days for
kids. Blizzards can last up to 2
days! Maybe even more. Blizzards
also don’t just happen at one state.
They happen at multiple states at the
same time! We get blizzards because
the temperature is probably lower
than 32 degrees Fahrenheit
[freezing point on the Fahrenheit
scale]. It also happens because the air
pressure is low too.
Thunder storms A.K.A
electrical storms…
Thunder storms is a form of
severe weather, characterized
by the presence of lightning
and its acoustic effect on
Earth’s atmosphere known
as thunder.
Did you know lightning is
electricity? Well it is just in
the sky!
Thunder Storms
How they form
 Formed 1st in nimbus and
stratus clouds, then start to
form cumulonimbus clouds.
Then it’s most likely to
slightly rain then heavy rain.
Did you know?
Did you know that a tornado is
otherwise known for a cyclone?
Do you know what a cyclone is? A
cyclone is a dangerously, high,
strong wind. Such as a…
Hurricanes are most likely to happen
down near Florida. Where it is nice
and tropical and of course, near a
body of water. Hurricanes form over
water. That’s why the middle states,
where there is no water near, get
tornadoes instead of hurricanes.
Damaging Number
The top number of tornado
damage is 81.7 out of 100.
The top number of hurricane
damage is 48.7 depending on
the hurricane but this is average.
The top damaging number of a
tsunami is 72.4 out of 100
The top damaging number of a
wildfire is 83.1.
The top damaging number of a
blizzard is 3.4.
The top damaging number for
thunder storms is 3.7.
A. Hurrican
B. Tsunami
C. Tornado
D. Wildfire
1. What is this picture
about to form?
2. What is this
picture about to
3. What is this
picture about to
The pop quiz!
A. Thunder
B. Hurricane
C. Tornado
D. Blizzard