VIKSAT Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction

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Transcript VIKSAT Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction

Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction
Profile Presentation
• Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai founded Nehru Foundation
for Development – NFD (1966).
• NFD initiated 4 organisations to initiate theme based
programmes for overall development of the Society
Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Centre
VIKSAT (1977)
CHETNA (1980)
Centre for Environment Education (1984)
VIKSAT believes that
Goals of sustainability in natural resource
management can be achieved only through
decisive participation of the communities who
constitute the primary stakeholders of the
resources in the local area.
Brief about campus
The 14 acres campus is situated at Thaltej,
Diverse floral elements; Total of 1560 trees belongs
to 200 different species
Wonderful ecosystem with mighty trees (inclusive of
medicinal species), lianas, shrubs, herbs,
butterflies, reptiles, birds and mammals.
Has combination of maintained and wilderness area
in one campus.
Diverse and beautiful species of palms, bamboos
and climbers.
Attracts nearly 100 bird species.
VIKSAT Campus at Ahmedabad
VIKSAT Campus at Ahmedabad
Medicinal Nursery VIKSAT Campus
Thrust Areas
• Forest
• Land and Water
• Natural Resource Management
• Sustainable Livelihoods
• Creation of sustainable people’s Institutions
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Women’s Empowerment
Geographical coverage
Currently working in almost 150 villages in northern and
eastern Gujarat
Presence in 5 districts of Gujarat i.e. Banaskantha,
Kachchha, Mehsana, Patan and Sabarkantha.
Covers mostly the eco sensitive regions having fragile natural
resource base.
Has benefited close to 12000 families through variety kind of
With strong focus on nurturing peoples’ institutions we have
467 SHGs – 6105 members
336 Pani Samitis – 2708 members
96 Tree Growers Co-operative Society – 15363 members
37 Farmers’ Clubs – 407 members
Major Initiatives
Joint Forest Management Programme
Integrated Grassland Development Programme in Kachchh
Watershed development projects
Watershed plus: enhancing livelihood resilience of the
tribal communities
Drought proofing and ravine land development
National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP)
Water and sanitation programme for salt pan workers
Development planning and assessment
Umbrella Programme for Natural Resource Management
Landscape development
Joint Forest Management and Protection
Watershed development – participation is the key to success
Participatory planning with stakeholders
National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP)
Wasteland development programme
Documentation and dissemination
Publication of Research results.
Presentation of Research papers in International
Working Papers for limited circulation.
Publication of Articles in Journals and News Papers.
Disseminating results of successful improved methods
and models through electronic media (CD, Television,
- Sargasan Model
- Roof-top Rainwater Harvesting
Participate in Exhibitions: Wall posters, Acrylic model of
RWH and VIKSAT Publications.
Participating in Web (e-network) based debates.
IEC material on water
Rainwater harvesting- A Panacea for Gujarat’s Urban
Water Crisis (CD)
Interactive CD on Rain Water Harvesting
 Managed Aquifer Recharge: and assessment of its role
and effectiveness in watershed management
 Augmenting Ground water Resource thought artificial
 Groundwater Availability and Pollution
 Groundwater Law: The Growing Debate
 The Fluid Mosaic
 Managing Groundwater resources in rural India: The
community and beyond
 RWH Brochure
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Contact Details
Nehru Foundation for Development
Thaltej Tekkra
Thaltej, Ahmedabada – 380054
Phone – 079-26856220, Fax – 079-26852360, [email protected]