Section 2.3 Falling Objects

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Transcript Section 2.3 Falling Objects

Section 2.3
Falling Objects
Physics A
Learning Objectives
• I can relate the motion of a freely falling body
to motion with constant acceleration.
• I can calculate displacement, velocity, and
time at various points in the motion of a freely
falling object.
• I can compare the motions of different objects
in free fall.
Free Fall
• Definition: the motion of a body when only
the force due to gravity is acting on the body.
Acceleration due to Gravity
ag = -g = 9.8
Q. If the initial velocity of the ball is 10.5 m/s
when leaving the person’s hand from an initial
height of 1.5 m, what is the velocity of the ball
when it passes that same point going down?
Based on what you know about interpreting
graphs, describe a scenario this graph would
• You hit a baseball so it has an initial velocity of
6.0 m/s straight upward. If the ball is originally
2.0 m above the ground, how long will it be in
the air before it strikes the ground? (assume
resistance due to air is negligible).
Practice F: pg. 74