The Small Intestine

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Index – Where Do You
Want To go?
The Mouth
The Mouth
is used to
chew and
grind up
your food
into smaller
The Esophagus
 The esophagus is the
tube that carries food,
liquids and saliva from
your mouth to the
stomach. You may not
be aware of your
esophagus until you
swallow something too
large, too hot or too
To the Stomach! Up, up
and away!!
The Stomach
 The stomach is an organ of digestion. It
has a saclike shape and is located
between the esophagus and the
From here we
go to the
The Small Intestine
The small intestine lies
between the stomach
and the colon. The
small intestine is about
6 m (20 ft) long. Its
primary function is to
digest and absorb
nutrients. The small
intestine makes up
more than 70% of the
length and 90% of the
surface area of the
gastrointestinal (GI)
The Large Intestine
The Large Intestine
The main function of the large intestine
is to transport waste out of the body and
to absorb water from the waste before it
Last stop, the Rectum! ALL ABOARD!
The Rectum
The last 6 to 8 inches of the large intestine.
The rectum stores solid waste until it leaves
the body through the anus. The word rectum
comes from the Latin rectus meaning straight
(which the human rectum is not).