Russia and Eurasia Review

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Transcript Russia and Eurasia Review

Russia and Eurasia Review
• Landforms and Resources
• 1. What is chernozem and where can it be
found? Black Earth belt found on the
Northern European Plain
• 2. What percentage of people from this
region live on the N. European Plain?
• 3. What do the Ural Mountains separate?
Asia from Europe
• 4. What landform characterizes the
Russian far east? Volcanic ranges
• 5. What is one reason Central Asia has an
arid climate? Mountains in the regions
starve them of rain
• 6. What is the longest river on the
European continent? Volga
• 7. Name some of the regions natural
resources? Coal, iron, other metals, oil,
natural gas, petroleum, timber &
• Climate and Vegetation
• 8. What is continentality? The effect of distance
on climate
9. What is taiga? Largest forest on earth south
of the tundra containing coniferous trees and fur
bearing animals
10. What are the climate regions present in this
region? Desert, Semiarid, Mediterranean, Humid
subtropical, humid continental, subarctic, tundra,
11. How does the Mediterranean Sea influence
weather in Trans-Caucasia? Warm moist air
comes from the Mediterranean Sea
• Human Environment Interaction
• 12. Why is the Aral Sea shrinking? Diversion of
water from the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers
for irrigation of cotton and rice
13. What health problems can be blamed on the
shrinking of the sea? Throat cancer, respiratory
diseases, dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis
14. How does the warm weather negatively
affect the area of Siberia? Effects building on
melting permafrost, insects such as flies and
mosquitos swarm
• 15.What were reasons for building the
Trans-Siberian railroad? Resources were
difficult to get out, and the government
also wanted to populate the area
• 16. What happened in Chernobyl, and
what have been the results of it? Nuclear
Power plant had an explosion, and many
people were evacuated due to the
radiation. Illnesses followed
• Russia and the Western Republics
• 17. What was Czar Peter’s goal for Russia?
Modernize it up to European Standards
18. What is the significance of the port at St.
Petersburg? Warm water port near ports of
Europe so he could see what they are doing
19. Why do people finally get tired of the Czars?
Overwork in factories with harsh conditions and
very little money
20. What happens in 1917 leading to the end of
the Czarist period? Russian Revolution
21. What does the Communist party form? USSR
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
• 22. After WWII, what does the USSR do with
Easter Europe? Take over and install pro Soviet
23. What does fear and tension cause between
the US and USSR? Cold War
24. How did Mikhail Gorbachev contribute to the
fall of the Soviet Union? Gives more economic
and political power to the people
25. What is the difference between capitalism
and communism? In Capitalism-people own
means of production. In Communism- the
government owns the means of production
• 26.Who did the communists follow the
teachings of? Karl Marx
• 27.What are examples of things the
command government controls? Land,
mines, factories, banks, and transportation
• 28.What is a collective farm? Farm where
laborers are gathered to work together.
• Transcaucasia
• 29.What is the Red Army?
• 30.Why is Azerbijan called the “land of
• 31.Why are nations fighting over the
Caspian Sea? What does ownership
depend on? Resources in the sea/lake.
Ownership depends on whether it is a lake
or sea
• Central Asia
• 32.Why is it difficult to establish stability in
Central Asia? The many ethnic groups still
want their own country
• 33.What is the Silk Road? 4K mile journey
between Mediterranean and China
• 34.What are characteristics of the Great
Game? Great Britain and USSR wanting
the same region of Central Asia
• 35.What is a nomadic lifestyle? Moving
around for grazing land and water
• Regional Conflicts
• 36.How many ethnic groups reside in the
Caucausus region? 50
• 37.Which area has experienced the worst
violence since the fall of the USSR?
• The Struggle for Economic Reform
• 38. What is distance decay? Long distances
between places make communication and
transportation difficult.
39. How have Russian leaders helped people buy
private businesses? Provide vouchers that will be
paid back when businesses make profits.
40. What is something Russia tried to do to
move towards capitalism? Privatization of
businesses, removed price controls, offer
• 41.What is the Russian Mafia? Criminal
organizations that oppose new
• 42.How did President Putin plan to gain
control over Russia’s vast country? Created
Federal Districts to gain control of regional
• Don’t forget to study all countries and