Cara`s Title - Northern California Conservation Planning Partners

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Transcript Cara`s Title - Northern California Conservation Planning Partners

California Department of
Fish and Game
Conservation and Mitigation
Banking Program Update
Cara Roderick
Statewide Banking Coordinator
Bank Definition
conservation or mitigation bank is
privately or publicly owned land
managed for its natural resource
values. In exchange for permanently
protecting the land, and providing
management and monitoring
funding, the bank sponsor is allowed
to sell credits to those needing to
compensate for environmental
CDFG Staffing and Roles
Regions 1-6
– 8 lead staff, plus others
– Site visits, first line contact with bank
sponsors, initial bank review and final
approval, compliance and tracking, IRT
CDFG Staffing and Roles
Headquarters: Habitat Conservation
Planning Branch
– 1 Supervisor and 3 staff, plus land
– Final bank review, tracking, legislative
reporting, policy communication and
coordination with Regions, help
coordinate multi-agency template team,
and process land packages
CDFG Bank Policy
1995 Official Policy on Conservation
Banks between the Natural Resources
Agency and Cal/EPA
 Banks
conserve important habitat and
 Can incorporate into larger ecosystembased regional conservation plans
 Provide funding for ecosystem preserves
under a regional conservation plan
 Should be large enough to be selfsustaining or part of a regional cons. plan
CDFG Bank Policy
1996 Supplemental Policy of USFWS/CDFG
for banks and NCCPs:
1) further the conservation of habitat
2) aid regional open space planning
3) help implement NCCPs
4) assist endangered species and provide
incentive to private land owners
CDFG Bank Policy
CA Fish and Game Code
– Chapter 7.8. Sacramento-San Joaquin
Valley Wetlands Mitigation Bank Act of
– Chapter 9. Wetlands Mitigation Banking
Conservation and Mitigation Banks
in the Queue
Currently 67 proposed/pending banks in
the queue
Includes new bank proposals and
Most are undergoing Region review
and coordination
Banks within
Ensuring same monitoring and
management standards
 Service areas outside of the Regional
Conservation Plan area
 Competition with fee-based approach
 Communication and timing banks and
Banks offer:
 Streamlined approach at local level
 Baseline biological inventories,
management plans, secure funding,
permanent managment and monitoring,
permanent protection
 Real estate and private-market expertise
CDFG Banking Stats
Since the Program’s inception, Bank
Sponsors have provided 34,923 acres of
conserved land
Mitigation bank acres: 7,687
Conservation Bank acres: 27,236
CDFG Banking Stats
Signatory to 55 Banks
29 Conservation
is the only signatory agency to 6
26 Mitigation
36 Active Banks Selling Credits
16 Sold Out or Closed
 3 Pending 1st Credit Release
27 with CDFG as CE Grantee
Complementary Mapping and
Modeling Efforts to ID Areas of
High Biological Value
California Essential Habitat Connectivity
Areas of Conservation Emphasis (ACE) II
California Essential
Connectivity Values
Areas of
Emphasis (ACE)
Hot Spots of
For More Information
for policies, procedures, multi-agency approved
templates, list of banks, etc.
For new bank discussions, or appropriateness of
mitigation & bank review status contact your
local CDFG regional representative (at website).
For policy or other statewide banking issues
– Cara Roderick: [email protected]
For More Information
For policy or other statewide NCCP issues
contact: Dr. Brenda Johnson:
[email protected]
For the Habitat Connectivity Project
contact: Monica Parisi:
[email protected]
For ACE II contact: Monica Parisi