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Kralický Sněžník -
small mountain system on the historical border between
Bohemia, Moravia and the Klodzko Region is one of the most important watersheds
in Europe.
The booster pump power station Dlouhé stráně
the biggest of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic
The sources of the Orlice, which empties its waters - via the Labe (Elbe) - into the North Sea,
drain the water from western and south-eastern regions.
From the northern slopes water runs down into the Klodzko Nisa,the Odra which belongs to
the Baltic Sea region.
Rainfall water from the remaining part of the area runs into the River Morava and then - via
the Danube - to the Black Sea.
Králický Sněžník (1,424 metres above
sea level) is formed of predominantly
crystalline limestone and dolomite,
which contain a system of karst
passages. Tvarožné díry, Patzeltova and
Mramorová (Marble) Caves originated at
the time when climate in the area was
tropical. Marble used for decorative
purposes was extracted from a quarry
located above Velká Morava. As the
name of the mountain range suggests
(Sněžník - Snow Mountains), it is
covered in snow for a long period of
time (on average for eight months of
the year). A statue of a baby elephant
placed on a base made from stone
ashlars became the symbol of the
It originated during a meeting of young
artists held between the two world wars.
The local rarity is the auburn
rhododendron, the nearest incidence of
which in open landscape has been
recorded in the Alps. The third highest
mountain range in the Czech Republic,
Králický Sněžník contains the source (a
walled well located on the territory of
Bohemia) of the River Morava. Covering a
distance of 353 kilometres, the Morava
forms the axis of a historical land of the
same name. Two rock shelves of a 15
metres high waterfall, called Pod
Strašidly, originated on one of the
Morava's right-hand tributaries in the area
of Králický Sněžník.
The booster pump power station Dlouhé stráně –
The biggest of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic
Three superlative
The biggest reversing water-wheel in Europe
The biggest run in Czech Republic
The biggest rated capacity in Czech Republic
Mission of the booster pump power station is to feed
electroenergetic scheme of our republic by its output 650 MW static
and dynamics service.