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Transcript IBC AnexGATE – HA Solution presentation

High performing IT Solutions
High availability Solution
Presented by
Mr.Vihang S . Kathe
Need of H/A Solution for Business
Current Business scenario
Working of H/A Solution
How to avoid Downtime with H/A
Case Scenarios
Business Benefits
Question and Answers
Action plan Forward
Need of H/A for Business
Current Business Situation
• Current your network has a Single Firewall Appliance , Corporate business
availability depends largely on IT network availability .
• Network security , Proxy , VPN , Email applications are being currently
implemented with a Firewall . Business also uses ISP failover .
• Hardware failure of Firewall results in Network Downtime which effects the
operational continuity of a Business environment .
• Any Network Downtime Results to Business revenue Loss , as the complete
IT Network and internet connectivity gets disturbed .
• Also Remote VPN Users who are connected to the Application servers for HO
data trasnfer get disconnected which results in productivity loss for them .
• Network Downtime also Results in Business image loss for Business .
• Firewall being a very important active component in the IT Setup requires a
disaster recovery plan .
Single Firewall scenario
How to ensure N/W availability
 With High availability or Clustering solution with 2 AnexGATE
Firewall Appliances .
 Firewall Clustering or Firewall Redundancy is the arrangement
of 2 or more Firewalls designed & configured either for Availability
or for Performance or for both.
 Firewalls configured in Master-Slave/Hot-Cold/ActivePassive/Primary-Backup mode, ensures High Availability of N/W.
 So incase the primary Firewall fails , the complete network can
be automatically diverted to the secondary firewall thus ensuring
no business downtime /loss .
How the H/A solution works
Working of H/A Solution
•One Firewall in Cluster is configured as
•Redundancy based protocol VRRP is used to detect
•Detection is based on Heartbeats.
•Heartbeats are token messages that Firewall sends
periodically to each other.
•If Primary stops Heartbeats, VRRP assumes Primary is
not Available.
•Subsequently VRRP selects the
Secondary/Slave/Passive Firewall to become new
•The prevalent Primary Firewall owns a Virtual IP.
•This Virtual IP is the Gateway for Peers in the N/W.
When Primary appliance Fails Secondary takes over .
Firewall in Load balancing
•The other approach in Firewall Clustering is Multi-Primary or Load Balancing
mode.This configuration ensures Performance as well as Availability.
•N/W Traffic Flow can be evenly distributed. This results in Performance.
Also in case of Failure, Secondary Firewall takes over all the N/W traffic
management until Primary Firewall is restored/revived.
• This Scenario is particularly useful in Sudden High peak requirements of
network where Network load needs to be shared and ensure performance
for applications like Trading , ERP , CRM or Emails .
High availability Network Design
When Primary Device Fails , Network Diagram
How to avoid Business downtime with H/A
1. H/A ensures almost zero Downtime of your Business Network .
2. As a failure of any single Firewall Device involved in H/A design is transparent
to the N/W traffic .
3. In effect, the N/W stays unaffected in the event of failure of any single Firewall
without loss of packets, sessions and more importantly security.
4. H/A Solution Ensures that your IT infrastructure Runs smoothly without any
downtime . Thus ensuring your instant ROI .
Business Benefits of H/A Solution
Technical Benefits of H/A Design:
Higher Bandwidth Throughput
Smaller Latency
Lesser Bottlenecks
Higher Mean-Up Time
Higher Performance
Higher Availability
More frequent Security Updates & Patches
Business Benefits of H/A Design:
Almost Zero Business Downtime
Improved Productivity of N/W
Lesser Security threats
Improved N/W Efficiency
Resilient IT infrastructure and Business productivity
Questions and Answer
Cost of Ownership of the H/A Solution .
Budgetary allocation and ROI .
How the Solution would be beneficial for Business
Business results provided by the H/A Solution .
Action plan moving forward .
Queries related to the Solution .
Basic Issues and resolution .
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