Interview Questions

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Transcript Interview Questions

Interview Questions
- What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
- What is Nagle's Algorithm?
- Describe the TCP handshaking process.
- What is Slow Start?
- What is the Fast Recovery Algorithm?
- What is Silly Window Syndrome?
- What is the IEEE?
- What is BNE in assembly?
- How does ADDI operate?
- What is a router?
- What is a bridge?
- What is a VLAN?
Interview Questions
•How many bits are in an IPv4 address? IPv6?
•What are the layer names?
•What does OSI stand for?
•What does IETF stand for?
•What is Windowing in TCP?
•If you had a high bandwidth, low latency pipe, would you expect the window
to increase or decrease?
•If you have a low bandwidth, high latency pipe, would you expect the
window to increase or decrease?
•Using LSM create subnets for this many users?
•What is the difference between DHCP and WINS?
•What is the difference between ripv1 and ripv2?
•What kind of metrics do OSPF and RIP use?
•How do you find the routing table on Windows?
•What are the classes and ranges for IP?
Interview Questions
•What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
•Explain the three-way handshake.
•What are the port numbers for http, ftp, smtp?
•What is NAT?
•What is the importance of 172.16.x.x?
•What is the difference between a switch and a router?
•Given a network setup consisting of a host, a hub, a DHCP server, and an
offsiteweb server, why can't you connect to the web?
•What is stateful inspection?
•How can you start/stop a service from the command line (Windows or 'nix)?
Interview Questions
•Is standard e-mail transfer secure? Why not? How would you make it secure?
•Which private address space is better, 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x? Why?
•What is the major effect on routing if you configure your routers with the
‘no ip classless’ command?
•What is ARP? Describe how it works.
•What is NAT? How does it work? Give example.
•What do you see in Ethereal window? Draw example of it's window
and everything it displays.
•Describe Network protocol stacks and how the data is encapsulate
from a layer to another.
•Describe ethernet + IP frame + TCP packet.
•Describe the complete process for sending data from one computer to
another computer.