FAO Patrick Plancke_ TCONS Summary

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Transcript FAO Patrick Plancke_ TCONS Summary

Progress Report
May 2004 Meeting
Present (most of the time):
Jane Marquart
Greg Menke
Stuart Mills
Steve Parkes
Rick Schnurr
Keith Scott
Dai Stanton
Plus others some of the time
Objectives of May 2004 Meeting
• Sort out working group communications
• Agree overall architecture for TCONS
considering how TCONS fits in with rest of
CCSDS architecture
• Present this to SIS
• Start work on Draft Red Book
Achievements During Meeting
• Communications mechanisms agreed
– Monthly Teleconference
• First Thursday of each month at 5 pm (GMT+1)
• GSFC to arrange teleconference facilities
– Email list
• Sois_tcons list to be used
• All members registered
– Document distribution
• Docushare facility to be used
• Existing draft documents added to TCONS area
Achievements During Meeting
• Overall architecture for TCONS agreed
Achievements During Meeting
• Work started on Red Book
• Outline draft document produced
• Effort spent on defining services
– Primitives
– Sequence diagrams
– Outline API definitions
Work to be done over next six months
• Complete the Network and Transport layer green books
– Adding in isochronous requirements
– Expanding to include broader information on the aims and scope
• Complete the Red book
This requires a major effort by the TCONS members
Definition of services
Definition of protocol data units
Definition of protocols
Definition of API
• Aim to be in draft form by Dec 2004 ready for review