Transcript web cam

WebCam and Wireless
The Long Term
Ecological Research
Network Office
John Vande Castle
Associate Director for Technology Development
Example 1 – Basic fixed mount Ethernet linked AXIS 200 WebCam
•Camera, Web server
in single configuration
•Support for standard
html web access, smpt
email, and ftp data
•Serial data capability
•12VCD power
•Relatively low image
•Fixed aperture (auto
gain but no iris) sensitive to sun, notlow-light capable
Direct Access:
Basic Web-access
FTP access:
Example 2:
Sony D30 pan/tilt/zoom
auto-focus camera
•Popular for generic applications
•High quality images
•Low-light capable
•12VCD power
•Requires protection from weather
AXIS 2401 camera server
•Single video input -although multiple
and rack-mount servers available
•Two serial data ports -one for PTZ,
one for data connection
•Ethernet-based setup
•Linux controller
Back of Sony D30 and AXIS 2401 Camera server
•Video and
robot serial
connection to
•Serial data
and Ethernet
data link
•12VDC power
Wireless connection possible by connection to FreeWave serial data
transceiver or other data link such as a WILAN ”Hopper”
FreeWave serial
wireless data
•Medium Gain 900mhz antennae
•Covers much of the Sevilleta
(line of sight!)
•Relatively low data rate (115kb)
•Ethernet-based models available
Configuration step 1 – Use specific IP address installer
(there are more difficult ways)
Video Server Setup…
Example 3: D-Link DCS 100W 802.11b wireless WebCam
•Standard 802.11b wireless data access
•Stand-alone data transmission with trigger or
timed picture transmission
•Simple multiple camera capability within an
established 802.11b “cloud”
•5VDC Power supply
•Fairly low image quality
Camera Setup by Web access or Installation “wizard” installed on local computer:
Initial setup by accessing “ …
Setup Screen
for Webcam
Typical Wireless
Network Setup
Screen for Webcam
Radio links at
the Sevilleta
Field Station:
•Licensed voice
•Licensed data
•900mhz serial
•802.11b to Cisco
Access point
Sevilleta Wolfcam:
900mhz data link
from tower at FWS
building to
WebCam tower
Live Access
Proper cables are everything!
Ethernet link for
connections more
problematic –
such as gender
changers, and/or
null modem
•Many new
connectors are
“proprietary” –
difficult to find
Proprietary connector for D-LINK – connection to standard “N” antennae connection
•From Local
•Took 2 tries, 2
months wait
•Probably not FCC