Global Routing System Scaling Issues: Original Preposition

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Transcript Global Routing System Scaling Issues: Original Preposition

Global Routing System Scaling
Cathy Wittbrodt - iVMG, Inc
Global Routing System Scaling
Issues: Original Preposition
“With the rapid growth of the Internet routing table,
providers with lower-capacity routers are experiencing
difficulty maintaining network stability, even with
aggressive filtering policies in place. The panel will discuss
the causes of routing prefix table growth, measures providers
should take to curtail it, and alternate measures small
enterprises and service providers can take to insure
redundancy and load-balancing without announcing their
prefixes into the global table.” – Timothy Brown Prestige
Global Routing System Scaling
• Global Routing table
is growing
• IP address allocation
policies are changing
• AS numbers are being
assigned at an
exponential rate
• How do each of these
things affect the
operational network?
More Fundamental Questions
• Is the growth in the
global routing table
affecting even ISPs
who have the current
most up to date and
fastest routers?
• What does this mean
for customers?
• Will it all crash and
• What can we do to
help things scale?
Panel Participants – In order of
Abha Ahuja – Arbor Networks
Bill Woodcock – Packet Clearinghouse
Vijay Gill - MFN
Tony Li - Procket
Enke Chen – Redback Networks
The Plan
• Presentations
• Discussion