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September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
dot1AM management plane
Date: 2005-09-16
Peter Ecclesine
Cisco Systems
170 W. Tasman Dr., +1-408-527MS SJ-10-5,
San Jose, CA
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems
September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
• As radio operation and regulation are expressed in
terms of time, space, frequency, code and power, it is
useful to look at those dimensions in the approved
standards and the ones under development.
• The management dimension is missing from IEEE 802
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems
September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
The Physical World and Models
• Time, Space, Frequency, Power, Regulation
– see 11-05-0892 dot1AM-task-sizing.xls
– 802.15.4 1% PER at 20B packets, 1% on time, 127B PSDU max
• Nothing beats the physics of the waveguide
• Media lacking common administrative control
• Media lacking usage ‘rights’
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems
September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
Three layer model
• TCP/IP virtualizes the physical layer, but applications
know what to expect
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems
September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
Three plane model
• IDSN Reference Model has three planes – control
(Q.931 and SS7), user, management
– The control plane and user plane have separate dedicated
– The control plane sets up user plane ‘connections’ and roaming
– The user plane has only services, transparent to the network,
including Bearer Services (voice, switched-data call),
Supplementary Services, and Teleservices (Videotex, Telex,
Teletex, Telefax 4, and X.400 messaging)
• IEEE Project 802 has one plane, with a Logical Link
Layer to virtualize media access and the physical layer,
and no bandwidth reserved for control or management
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems
September 2005
doc.: IEEE 802.11-05/0907r0
Media access policies and goals
– Network throughput – what if more than one ‘network’
(Virtual AP)?
– L2 - Client power consumption – hard limits?
– L2 - Media capacity – high-density deployment
– L2 - Regulatory satisfaction – coexistence with
government and licensed services, aggregation (5150-5250
– In USA, the government ‘owns’ the right to communicate
– Fairness to what? or who?
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Peter Ecclesine, Cisco Systems