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Proposed APNIC protocol for
handling of abuse complaints
Network abuse BOF
Gerard Ross, APNIC
<[email protected]>
• Spam and abuse complaints
– Daily drain on APNIC resources
– Problem likely to get worse for a long
time before it gets better
– Complaints come from outside APNIC
membership and generally outside of AP
– APNIC seeks guidance from membership
of correct role
Proposed protocol for handling
abuse complaints
• Intentions
– To start discussion on appropriate role for
– To seek membership approval for
proposed use of APNIC efforts and
Guiding principles
• APNIC’s core responsibilities:
– Distribution of IP (and related) resources
– Public registration database
• APNIC is responsible for maintaining registration of the
allocations and assignments it makes
• LIRs and NIRs are responsible for maintaining registration of
allocations and assignments they make
• APNIC’s mandate is technical rather than
Balancing perception and reality
• Can’t expect general public to understand RIR
– Complaints will continue
– …and will be repeated
• APNIC should help fellow Internet community
members, but not at undue cost to APNIC
– Core responsibilities should not be compromised
Specific actions - abuse
• Clear instructions on website
– Outlining APNIC’s actual role
– Specifying mailboxes for abuse
• All reports of abuse will be answered
with a standard response
– No further response will be sent unless
additional relevant information is
Specific actions - contact
• If network contact fails to respond to
– APNIC will not take action
– Out of APNIC’s powers to compel networks to
• If network contacts bounce complaints or
are otherwise invalid
– APNIC will fix records it maintains
– APNIC will refer problems to responsible party if
records not maintained by APNIC
– APNIC will report action taken to complainant
Other general actions
• Develop suitable information on website to
help public track abuse effectively
• Develop materials to raise membership
awareness of issues, responsibilities, and
preventative measures
• Training modules
– Web site content
– Apster
• Provide forum for discussion of anti-abuse
• Does this approach seem reasonable
and appropriate?
• Are there other roles for APNIC?
• Is it acceptable to require that bad
contact reports are submitted by web
form only?