Network security: Process in which digital information are protected

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Transcript Network security: Process in which digital information are protected

Network security
Process in which digital information are protected
What is network security ?
-Controlling access to network
-Securing any network interference
-Securing possible entry point of attack
-Stop unauthorized user (“intruders”)from
accessing any part of system
-Detect whether or not someone
attempted to break into your
network system
What is at risk
Confidentiality-information should be
available only to those who rightfully have
access to it
Integrity-information should be modified
only by those who are authorized to do so
Availability-information should be
accessible to those who need it when they
need it
How can we secure network
There is no full way to secure networks
but you could make hard for someone to
penetrate the network by installing firewall
What is a Firewall
-System or group of systems that enforce an
access control policy between two network
-Firewall is piece of software or hardware that
filters all traffic network between computer,home
network, or office network and internet
-System that protects a network and the
machines from various type of attacks
Primary goal of firewall
Implement a desired security policy
Controlling and blocking unwanted
incoming traffic
Block network traffic based on content
What can’t firewall prevent
Inside attack (internal network snooping or
intrusion attempts from within)
Social engineering (attack in which one
obtain information< IP address or pass
word> pretending to be coworker or just
someone who doing routing checks
Poorly trained firewall administer
If you have more than one firewall
installed on your computer, you should not
have both firewalls turned on at the same
time. Two firewalls turned on at the same
time can cause compatibility problems that
result in some programs not working
Hardware firewall
Description Want the utmost in network
security for your office? netgear’s
FVS318 ProSafe VPN Firewall provides
business-class protection at a NAT
router price. broadband connection at
the same time.
Free firewall
Comodo Free Firewall Version 2.4
To open Windows Firewall
1.Click Start and then click Control
2.In the control panel, click Windows
Security Center.
3.Click Windows Firewall.
Windows firewall
Dose ->Help block
computer viruses and
Ask for your
permission to block or
unblock certain
connection requests.
Create a record (a
security log), if you
want one
Does not->Detect or
disable computer
viruses and worms if
they are already on your
Stop you from opening
e-mail with dangerous
Block spam or unsolicited
e-mail from appearing in
your inbox.