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Internet Basics
The Internet Is…
– a network of networks
– a community of people, businesses, schools and organizations
– E-mail, web pages, databases, file transfer and exchange
– based on the TCP/IP protocols
How Information moves: TCP / IP
• TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
• IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses
Domain Name System (DNS)
• Converts “English” names like:
• into “Machine” (IP) names:
IP Routing
• Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) “resolves” the
address with their DNS servers so that:
– is translated to
The Internet vs The Web
What is the difference between the Internet
and the World Wide Web?
• The Internet is ALL of the computers and ALL of the
information available
• The World Wide Web is a subset of the Internet that
contains hypermedia and is accessible through a Web
Resource Addresses
Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
• protocol: //address/dir/file
• http
hyper text transport protocol
Normal Web pages
• https
Secure Web pages
• ftp
File Transfer Protocol
• There are others…
Common Domains
EDU Education
MIL Military
GOV Non-Military
COM Commercial
NET Network Sites
ORG Non-profit
UK United Kingdom
CA Canada
AU Australia
Who’s in charge of Internet
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers
In 2011 BIG changes were announced, if you are
willing to pay big bucks, you are now allowed to
create domains names using any combination of
letters and numbers.