Communication Technologies

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Transcript Communication Technologies

As a class, define
Communication Technology?
Use as many examples as
Communication Technology
Definition: all technologies used for the
manipulation and communication of
information. Transfer of messages
(information) among people and/or
machines through the use of technology.
Brainstorm: what are some examples of
communication technology?
Communication Technology - Mediums
Communication Technology encompasses which
media types/forms?
Written note
Instant Messaging (IM)
Mobile Phone/Telephone
Forms of Communication
Biological Communication – communication that
takes place without the use of technology. Ex.
Speaking, facial expressions, and hand signals.
Graphical Communication – visually sent
messages including pictures and text. Ex.
Magazines, newspapers, messages on clothing,
billboards, road signs, computer images, etc.
Forms of Communication 2
Wave Communication – forms of communication that move through air,
water, or outer space.
Sound waves – vibrations traveling through air, water or other
medium that can be perceived by the human ear.
Electromagnetic Carrier Waves – radio and TV programs are
converted into electrical signals. Signals are carried by
electromagnetic carrier waves. Audio converted back to sound
waves so we can hear.
Light Waves – fiber optic cables transmit signals using light. When
you take a picture, light waves from your subject bring the image to
your eyes and the camera lens.
Telecommunication – communication over a long distance. Satellites
are used to carry the messages.
Section Assessment
Are smoke signals a form of
Humans have built in sound receivers.
What are they and how do they work?
Modes of Communication
People to People
People to Machines
Setting up a PVR/TiVo to record a TV program
Computer programmers writing programs
Using a keyboard/controller while playing a video game
Machines to People
A whistling teapot
Alarm system
Carbon monoxide/smoke detector
Machine to Machine
Your computer to your printer
Section Assessment
1. Can you think of other examples of machines
communicating with people? List 10.
2. Explain how a baby who cannot talk
3. What mode of communication is used:
A computer program tells a robot how to paint a car.
A computer spell-checker finds errors in a report.
A friend passes a note.
Impacts of Communication Technology
You will be assigned one of the following questions. In groups,
brainstorm as many responses as possible and summarize your
findings on chart paper.
How has communication technology affected the world?
What are some ways that communication technology affects
How might communication systems help people of different
cultures get along with each other?
How important is communication technology to you?
How has communication technology affected the world economy?
How has the environment changed due to communication
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