Managing Data

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Managing Databases
What is a “Database”?
• A file on your computer where the
contact data and certain other
information is stored.
• All contacts and program settings are
stored in one database file.
• This is opposed to some programs
where each contact is stored in a
separate file.
Data for ALL contacts is stored in one (large) file.
Personal information
Goals and objectives
Asset information
Income and Expenses
Every item is coded to identify who it belongs to.
Database Advantages
• Easily retrieve data for any contact.
• Create and store multiple scenarios
each with different data.
• Back up all contacts and program
settings at once.
• Share data by moving the database to a
location on the network.
Create a Database
• When TPS is installed, a default
database is automatically created.
• The default database is located in:
My Documents\Money Tree Software\
Total Planning System folder. The
database name is Data.tpsdb.
• You may create additional databases at
any time, in any accessible location.
Create Database – 2
From the Main
Menu, select
… then
Create Database – 3
Click on Add/Create
Local Database.
Create Database - 4
Browse to (or create) the
folder where you want the
database to be located.
Type the name you
want to use for the
Open a Database
Highlight the database you
wish to open and click OK.
Backup Database
To make a backup copy of
your database, go to File and
select Backup Database.
• In an organization with multiple users,
an administrator may be needed to
control certain functions of the
database management.
• This would include limiting certain
functions to authorized individuals.
• Contact Money Tree support for details.
End of
Managing Data