Electricity& Magnetism

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Transcript Electricity& Magnetism

It’s electric and
charged !
 When two objects with opposite charges
pull on each
Bar magnets
 Magnets in the form of a bar with
magnetic poles at each end
 A measure of the extra positive or
negative particles that an object has.
 Material that allows current to easily flow.
Electric circuit
 a path along which electrons flow
Electric current
 A flow of electric charges
Electric field
 The space where electric forces occur
around an object
 A temporary magnet made by coiling wire
around an iron core; when current flows
in the coil the iron becomes a magnet.
 Material through which a current cannot pass
or easily flow Examples of good insulators are
plastic, wood, glass, and rubber.
Series circuit
 An electric circuit that has only one path
for the current.
Parallel circuit
 An electric circuit that has more than one
path for the current.
Static Electricity
 A charge that
stays on an
object instead
of flowing in a
 the force with which particles or like
forces repel one another