Submitted by:- Upendrakumar Mahla Enrollment

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Transcript Submitted by:- Upendrakumar Mahla Enrollment

Submitted by:- Upendrakumar Mahla
Enrollment No: 040201142
• Video Editing
• Online survey forms
• Marketing Plan
• Buying Cycle
• Marketing plan for expanding the Business
• Brandveda online advertisement campaign
• Hording marketing activity
• prelaunch campaign plan example Honda city
• Online campaign
• Marketing Plan
Advance Course
Online Training
Collage Presentation
• Buying Cycle
• We got more than 50 hot leads which are conversable for the
classroom event from both Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad location.
• For seminar and workshop proposal we got the positive review
around more than 20 collages they are ready to give us time to take
• Sant kabir gives brandveda to 80 hours classroom activity.
• Bing process for the further seminar proposal at kadi sarva collage at
Gandhinagar and Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad.
• Brandveda got the online class certification for that the standard
kind of video provided by the trainer edited by me.
• Bradnveda got the 1st rank in the thinkvidhya portal.
• Brandveda good in the Search Engine optimize activity so socially
they got the best result from the activity.
• While putting online lecture video that must be good quality so student
gets the best result from online portal and get the best result from it.
• Online marketing activity in that brandveda put their advertisement
online at two ways Facebook ad and using Google adwords out of that
the brandveda got the positive result from that activity.
• Facebook ad gives the best page like performance mean that the people
aware of the brandveda.
• Online marketing is cheap and measurable kind of activity so we can do
prefect analytical part and forecast the marketing pan according to that
we can change the activity work.
• Offline marketing activity in that we ware done hording marketing,
flayer distribution and canopy activity that was the best part of the
minimum kind of the marketing cost and maximum result we got.
• During the canopy activity on such location we have to take permission
before the any kind of activity should be performed.
• If you don’t know the marketing place than the internet play the best
role that help us to find your customer so technologically everyone
should be improve day by day otherwise competitor beat you.
• If you want to be forward other than your competitor the
team work and the team lead plays the very important role for
• Brandveda sometime didn’t find the potential student for that
we suggest to collobrate with the computer institute which
have course of PHP, .NET etc. so they can got the good kind of
interest in brandveda course because they can understand the
technical kind of work so they easy to understand marketing
online activity.
• The best way of doing the study is the how we got the practical
knowledge form the study in that the PGDM course gives us the
great opportunity to feel the gap between the corporate knowledge
and the study of the class work. That was the great experience in my
life duration of the 2 month I feel so short but during this period I
find such kind of things base on that I can do such kind of
The conclusion base on the different kind of activity which I
was done during the summer internship period in that I am done
pure marketing activity which are online and offline both out of that
I can conclude that the whatever marketing activity done by any
kind of the company that depend upon the product of the company.
The sales are the part of the marketing activity because the fund
generates work done by that activity only.
Marketing is the best part of the any industry without that the
sales work little bit more difficult in that brand awareness, brand
building activity, promotional activity must be done by the company.
• For marketing activity every industry required the good team which
can do everything and qualitative work for company.
• Industry should be going with the technology otherwise it gets the
big loss as like nokia company getting loss in the market.
• For online marketing required the well experience people otherwise
conversion result not getting as you aspect from the team.
• Every market place can’t get the same environment so you have to
change strategy as per the market environment and grab the best
opportunity for the company.
• Marketing activity some time get the trouble if such kind of rule
can’t be follow and it deal with the outer environment so it is more
risky than the other field.
• Offline marketing required more cost but this is traditional
marketing so this must be performing well that depend on the
location of the marketing.
• Offline marketing we can’t measure directly it works or not.
• During the summer internship I feel that the company has to
know the location for marketing because some time we are
feel confuse that where to go for marketing so we got the best
• If brandveda tie-up with the such kind of computer institute
than it might be helpful to brandveda to get the best
• Product should be more stronger than competitor that
brandveda have but some time they can’t afford and did not
satisfy to the students so they required more number of
people so that can help to the company progress.
• Required more syllabuses so more kind of student can be
cover and it must be target specific.
• Brandveda must be fix for the course prize because some time
in flyer and the original prize are different so student some
time feel confuse.
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