Transcript The Cell

The Cell
By: Heath Roland
The Nucleus is like a brain, the
nucleus controls the cell almost like
the brain controls a human body.
The cell membrane is like a mouth.
The cell membrane regulates what
goes in and out of the cell. The mouth
takes things in and out of the body.
The cell wall surrounds the cell and
keeps things out. It’s like human skin,
our skin keeps out harmful bacteria
and etc. that could harm our bodies.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like
veins. The Endoplasmic Reticulum
forms passage ways through the cell.
Veins are passage ways for blood to
flow through the body.
Golgi Apparatus is like nerves. Golgi
Apparatus modifies, sorts, and
packages macromolecules for cell
secretion. Nerves send movement
back and forth through the body.
The Mitochondrion is like a stomach.
Mitochondrion produces ATP through
respiration, and regulates cellular
metabolism. A stomach digests food
and produces waste.
The vacuole is like white blood cells.
The vacuole isolates materials that
might be harmful or a threat to the
cell. White blood cells protect the
body from harmful bacteria, such as
The Ribosome is like pores. Ribosomes
produce proteins, and pores produce
Plant and Animal Cells
• Plant cells have a cell wall (outside) for
structure/support, while animal cells have a
cytoskeleton (inside) for structure/support.
• Plant Cells are square in shape.
• Animal cells can be any shape.
• Plant cells have a process called photosynthesis
(chloroplast) and cell respiration (mitochondria),
while animal cells only go through cell respiration
• Plant cells have on large, central vacuole, and
animal cells have many small vacuoles.