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Creative Response
Musical Composition
• Create a musical composition which seeks to
reflect ideas and/or themes within the play, or
as a soundtrack or score to the play. (You will
also be graded on musical techniques)
Getting Started
• You need to clearly identify a major
theme/issue from the play that you are going
to respond to via the medium of music.
• Don’t try to respond to a combination of
• Be clear and decisive about the theme/issue
you are responding to. It will allow for a more
focussed response.
Some considerations…
• The task only requires you to produce a
musical composition to the play. However, you
may want to consider combining imagery with
your music to enhance your response. If there
is a film version of your play, you may want to
include scenes/images from the film to
accompany your musical piece. For example…
Example removed due to file size restriction
Making music
• If you have chosen this option, there is the
assumption that you can compose and play
• Regardless of the instrument(s) that you will
use to create your musical piece, it is your
responsibility to ensure that you have access
to the instrument(s) and recording
Putting it all together
• Regardless of how you record and produce
your piece of music, you need to be able to
present it, along with your rationale, in a
format that your teacher can access and
assess. Most students who have chosen this
option in the past have presented their
musical piece as an mp3 file, as it is readily
accessible for assessment.
Be aware…
• …that your creative response is likely to be
moderated by other teachers. As the option
on the assignment sheet indicates that you
will be graded on musical techniques,
feedback on the response will likely be sought
from a music teacher. Due to this, you need to
be clear, specific and precise in your rationale
as to exactly what you have tried to achieve
via your musical composition.
• Be clear and direct. Make specific connections
with the play you are responding to.
• Specifically indicate what your piece is in
response to (e.g. a theme/issue, character’s
development etc.)
• Quote from the play to ‘prove’ that the
theme/issue etc. that you have responded to
exists in the play.
Rationale (cont.)
• Analyse your composition. Explain and justify
your choices (e.g. why did you use minor
chords rather than major chords?)
• Show that your music piece was created as a
direct response to a theme/issue/character
from the play rather than a separate piece
made to ‘fit’ with the
themes/issues/characters of the play