The Internet of Things

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Transcript The Internet of Things

What does a ‘Smart UK’ a ‘Smart Europe or world’ looks like, and
what can you do to help that happen?
The Internet of Things,
ecology of barcodes, qr codes, rfid, active sensors, ipv6
logical extension of the computer to the environment,
the environment as interface (ubicomp, pervasive
computing, Mark Weiser 1991)
seamless flow between the
BAN (body area network) : ambient hearing aides, tshirts (ehealth)
LAN (local area nework) : smart meter, home interface
(convenience services)
WAN (wide area network) : the car (eCall)
VWAN (very wide area network) : the ‘smart’ or ‘wise’
city (e-gov services)
1914. 2014. What a difference a century makes: This year in March, German
Chancellor Angela Merkel opened CeBIT with its partner country UK. The British
Prime Minister David Cameron keynoted: “Take British ingenuity in software,
services and design, add German excellence in engineering and industrial
manufacturing and together we can lead in this new revolution.” The revolution
he is talking about is the Internet of Things (IoT) – an area in which both
countries see huge potentials.
The UK government will spend an extra £45m on developing IoT technology: "I
see the internet of things as a huge transformative development – a way of
boosting productivity, of keeping us healthier, making transport more efficient,
reducing energy needs, tackling climate change."
With Germany’s long-standing manufacturing tradition, Industry 4.0 is also one of
the projects for the future under the German government’s High-Tech Strategy.
We can call this progress indeed. But for Europe to become leading in IoT, a lot
more is needed. This work needs to be done primarily by the engineering /
technological communities, whether it is in research, large industry or SME. They
have to become more political. I do not make this statement out of the blue –
this has been done before. I think of Robert Bosch: It is exactly because of the
strong focus on society and ethics that he was able to lay the foundations for
what is currently one of the largest privately held company on earth.
The kind of world that I want and that is within reach for the Internet of Things
provides generic infrastructures that are open for even smallest communities to
the scale of 1 to build applications, services and personalized hardware on and
The crucial next step is building a EU platform that aligns the technological
realities of today with the decision making systems that are complexity friendly.
And this is a job for engineers and makers, the Internet of Things community
that is a radically new intelligence that resembles that of the old guilds but is a
highly connected dynamic amalgam of large industry, individual tinkerers, 30.000
makers involved in IoT Meetups, loosely organized hacker networks all
demanding more common sense, accountability and real time data streams
informing decision-making whether it is about health, home, mobility, city or
global issues like Climate Change.
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Pessimism of the intelligence,
optimism of the will – Gramsci
What does a smart Guildford look like?
Which direction is it going? Who is cocreating?