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Teachers are the one and only
people who save nations.
Teachers! The new generation
will be your devotion.
Some Notes On Teacher Training
The teacher training programs are organized
by YÖK (Higher Education Council)
There are 69 Faculties of Education in total,
affiliated to state universities and 5 belonging
to private universities, each offering the
same courses. The idea of a set curriculum is
designed to standardise the education of
teachers. Private universities also offer
teacher training programmes
Teacher education
Training of pre-primary and primary/basic school teachers
4 years undergraduate education
Training of secondary school teachers
4 years undergraduate education for Foreign Language,
Music, Drawing, Physical Education, Special Education,
Computer and Teaching Technologies teachers,
Teachers of Science, Maths and Social Fields to have
Graduate Degree without thesis (3,5+1,5=5 years) and
(4+1,5=5,5 years) options
Common Pedagogic Lessons
Introduction to Teaching Profession
Introduction to Psychology
Learning Psychology
Fundamentals of Guidance & Counseling
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Measurement & Evaluation
Classroom Management
Educational Administration
School Experience29.3.2016
(1 year )
Practical Placements and Experience
All teachers in their first year are known as junior teachers. As part
of the teacher training programme, trainee teachers are required to
undertake a practical placement within a school every semester.
The first semester is spent observing the teachers and students in
the classroom. During the second, they begin to assist teachers
with lesson planning and marking assignments. Trainee teachers
Cover other aspects of teaching during this year, such as school
administration and teaching legislation and regulations. Practical
training normally ends at the end of one year by the evaluation of
the tutor and an inspector coming from Ministry of Education.
English Language Teaching Certificate
The students who graduate from
- English-American Language & Literature
- Linguistics
- Translation departments
can participate in these certificate programmes
in order to have the right to teach.
The programme takes 1 academic year.
Anatolian Teacher High School
These schools provide the studentsvwith the
skills and knowledge a teachervshould have. It is
somehow a vocational school.
 Students get additional 30 points at the national
university entrance exam, if they choose a faculty
of education.
Teachers are appointed by the Ministery Of
Education according to the service needs of the
country via computers if they prefer to work in
public schools. Private schools recruit teachers
by following their own procedures.